Parker Momentus | System
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Flexible and Complete Systems

The Parker Momentus system offering provides the options you need to solve the most critical separation issues – yours.

Momentus Systems

With Parker Momentus, you can meet your specific application's flow rates and operational requirements to solve your separation issues. We offer five systems that can be customized for your applications. Learn more about the unique Parker Momentus technology.

Series i

All Series i units can be modularly scaled and organized in parallel to meet any flow rate requirement. Systems are completely automated and require limited operator interface.

i18 Series     i36 Series     i84 Series

The smallest Series i unit, the i18 is well-matched for small flows. Its membrane filter pack is 18" tall and the membrane area ranges from 170 ft² to 240 ft².

This unit it ideal for moderate flow rates in high-solids applications. Its membrane filter pack is 36" tall and the membrane area ranges from 380 ft² to 550 ft².

The most commonly requested unit with an 84" tall membrane filter pack and a membrane area ranging from 1,000 ft² to 1,400 ft², the i84 is perfect for processes with high flow rates. This unit features multiple configurations.

Lab and Pilot Systems

The Lab and Pilot Systems are designed for lower capacity applications, and incorporate less automation.  These units are perfect for high value streams or prototype and pilot testing for larger applications.

Series P50                   Series LP

Series P50
The P50 was designed to fill the flow volume gap between the Series i and Series LP. This unit is ideal for high value/low flow applications as it can process a few gallons per minute. Its membrane area is approximately 50 ft².

Series LP
In this series, LP stands for "lab" and 'pilot." This unit can be configured for lab mode (0.5 ft² membrane area) or for pilot mode (16 ft² membrane area). This dual capability makes it the perfect choice for gathering data during feasibility studies and onsite pilot testing.