Parker Momentus | Applications
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Diverse Capabilities

Treat process water onsite with an anti-fouling, industrial-scale system.

Markets We Serve

Parker Momentus serves a variety of markets where suspended and dissolved solids are a concern, providing greater throughput and better fouling resistance than alternative separation solutions. It can replace existing technology or be used to enhance current separation processes. Parker Momentus performs well in a wide range of applications, including:

  •  Algae dewatering
  •  Biogas effluent
  •  Boiler water pretreat
  •  Brewery waste
  •  Cooling tower blowdown water post-treat
  •  Food and beverage wastewater
  •  Frac water
  •  Industrial water recycling
  •  Landfill leachate
  •  Manure management
  •  Metal plating solution effluent
  •  Municipal wastewater side streams
  •  Pulp and paper
  •  RO reject

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