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Providing a cleaner solution for process water

Featuring a unique vibrating antifouling membrane technology to separate feed streams and ensure cleaner water faster and more cost efficiently than ever before.

See how our technology works.

Parker Momentus

A clean water solution using mechanical separation technology, that quickly and efficiently meets your clean water needs. Compared to alternative technologies, it offers a unique solution in terms of system performance and membrane flexibility. See the many features that Parker Momentus offers your application below.

Parker Momentus uses an innovative vibrating membrane system to efficiently meet your clean water needs. Compared to alternative technologies, it offers a unique solution in terms of system performance and membrane flexibility, delivering fresher water faster to a wide range of industries.
Redefine Separation Technology
The Parker Momentus system improves reliability and optimizes performance with durable construction and operation enhancing features, including a unique shearing effect to eliminate buildup.
Reliability and Performance
Increase uptime by streamlining your operations through a fully automated system that reduces or eliminates additional processing with little operational labor necessary.
Simplified Operation
Reduce maintenance costs with service-oriented features, including automated cleaning cycles and limited moving parts.
Ease of Service
Parker Momentus features a modular, skid-based design with a compact footprint. Engineered to deliver the most efficient solution available, the system offers simplified setup and commissioning and low energy consumption.
Design Efficiency

Proven Technology

Think you know membrane technologies? Parker Momentus is changing the game. Our innovative vibrating membrane system can solve your most challenging water separation issues.


Parker Momentus serves a variety of markets where suspended and dissolved solids are a concern, providing greater throughput and better fouling resistance than alternative separation solutions.

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Interested in learning more? Download our literature about Parker Momentus with details about our clean water solution using mechanical separation technology.

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Next Steps

Think Parker Momentus is Right for You?
Our customized procurement process ensures you get exactly what you need. Learn more about the steps below and Contact us today and tell us about your application needs.

Fill out a form with detailed information on your application/feed stream. This information helps us better understand your feed stream, begin the membranes selection process and determine the next steps.
Step 1: Application Evaluation
Submit a feed stream sample for Parker to test for membrane compatibility with our LP unit. This ensures that the Momentus technology works with your feed stream.
Step 2: Lab Testing
Once we determine that we can process your feed stream, Parker engineers bring the LP unit to your site to gather data in large volumes. This helps us develop a full-scale system design.
Step 3: Onsite Pilot Testing
Our detailed design phase is a collaborative process where Parker will guide you to ensure that every need, preference and option is designed into the ultimate separation system for you.
Step 4: Engineering Design and Build
Ready for a worry-free start-up? A Parker engineer will be onsite to ensure a problem-free start up, as well as to train your team.
Step 5: Commissioning

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