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Learn how 50-plus years of fuel injection system and engine experience inspired the development of fuel additives that provide the utmost protection on the market today.

Why is Stanadyne an Industry Leader?

Watch our video to learn more about Stanadyne Fuel AdditivesParker offers the most technologically advanced diesel and gasoline fuel additives in the industry. Our complete line provides year-round protection for all diesel and gas-powered vehicles.

Keep your engine running at peak efficiency and performance with premium diesel and gasoline additives from Parker Hannifin.


Testing confirms that the advanced cleaning compounds in Gasoline Additive+ prevents and eliminates deposits commonly found on intake valves and fuel system components. This combination of additive technology restores your engine to its optimum performance.
Learn more about our premium all-season, multi-function diesel fuel additives, designed to tackle virtually any diesel fuel related problem and compatible with all fuel injection system types, including high pressure common rail, unit injectors, rotary pumps, and in-line pumps.
Performance Formula®, as its name implies, improves engine performance and fuel economy by using detergents that clean the fuel injection system along with a cetane improver, resulting in easier starting, less smoke and more complete combustion.
Compare the difference between Stanadyne Performance Formula Fuel Additive versus competitive brands.

Safety Data Sheets

The following Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are for Stanadyne Diesel Fuel and Gasoline Additives, offered though the Parker aftermarket distribution network.

For Part Numbers: 38557, 45696, 38558
For Part Numbers: 38564, 38565, 38566, 38567, 38568
For Part Numbers: 43562, 43564, 43566
For Part Numbers: 43568, 43570, 43572, 43574, 43573
For Part Numbers: 38559, 38560, 38561, 38562, 38563
For Part Numbers: 38574, 45697, 38575, 38576

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