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Learn how Parker industrial filtration systems can fit your application by downloading our product literature, using our interactive tool to select the right system and watching our product videos.

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Select the Right Air Pollution Control System

Use Parker's Interactive Floor Plan to find the solution for your applicationAlmost every industrial process generates airborne pollutants in the form of dry particles, fumes, vapors or mists. These contaminants are often toxic and can lead to an unsafe work environment if not properly controlled. That's why it's critical to select the appropriate industrial air filtration system to solve your company's specific air quality issues. Parker offers a broad range of efficient and cost effective air pollution control solutions including industrial dust collectors and Smog-Hog® mist collectors. Click on each of the equipment options shown throughout the interactive facility floor plan below to find out how our product solutions can be applied across a wide variety of industrial dust collection and mist collection applications.

Unsure if you need a dust collector or a mist collector? Let us help you choose the proper equipment type. Contact Parker today and find the right system for your company.

White Papers & Application Spotlights

Clearing the Air

Read this article from Welding Productivity, featuring a Nova Scotia-based manufacturer who solves its air quality issues by incorporating innovative SmogHog technology.

Combustible Dust: DHA & Methods for Prevention

If your dust is combustible then you need to be concerned with the risk. Take a closer look at our recommended approach for explosion prevention.

Dust Particle Capture

Learn more about creative, practical and cost-effective solutions for one of the most common issues in a cement plant.

Four Dust Collection System Design Improvements

Using good practice and correct design rules can have a substantial cost savings for the life of the dust collection system.

Reducing Air Pollution in a Lime Plant

Discover how Parker helped control fine nuisance dust and improve operations for a busy lime plant in Cajamarca, Peru.

Nanofiber Filtration & DustHog

Achieve maximum system performance and efficiency with energy- and cost-saving dust collector solutions.

Application Spotlight: Food Processing

DustHog® systems provide cleaner air, longer filter life, easy maintenance and overall cost savings for food processing applications.

Application Spotlight: Educational Institutions

Learn how to control fumes and dusts generated during processes such as welding, wood working and ceramics.

Application Spotlight: Pharmaceutical Processing

DustHog®SFC downward flow cartridge dust collectors are an ideal solution to control emissions released during pharmaceutical formulation processes.

Case Studies

SmogHog® Running CLEAN Since 1975

An Air Solutions client needed to replace SmogHog filters for its 45 year old unit, and supplied the original quote and owner's manual to help restore the design airflow.

CNC Machining & Milling

Parker helped this renowned manufacturer extract emulsion mist from various CNC machine tools using a central extraction system.

Electrical Protection & Power Management

Read how this Far East company keeps the air clean and safe for its equipment using a "Hog and a Peach."

Food Processing

This food processing company needed to integrate a dust collection system with the facility’s environmental controls.

Kitchen Emissions Control Systems #1

Discover the Parker solution that helped clear smoke over a popular NYC restaurant and its neighbors.

Kitchen Emissions Control Systems #2

Read how SmogHog® eliminated kitchen emissions at the luxurious Sandia Resort and Casino.

Thermal Spraying

Parker installed a dust collection system that helped bring air quality levels below OSHA’s Hexavalent Chromium Cr(VI) exposure limit.


Parker installed an ambient air collection system to help this operation create a healthy work environment.

Metal Grinding

Parker worked with this company to design a customized cross-ventilation system built to handle large volumes of fine grinding dust 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Clean Air for Cold Heading/Thread Rolling Company

SmogHog® helped solve this company's air pollution control problems by delivering improved filtration efficiency.

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