Parker's quality SmogHog mist and fume collectors
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The SmogHog® Advantage

SmogHog Mist and Smoke Collectors from Parker SmogHog delivers technology that will improve and bring value to your operation. After you understand how this equipment is built and how it works, the decision is easy. Our local authorized Parker representatives and application engineers will evaluate your application and needs, then recommend an appropriate solution.

We have been solving your mist and smoke collection needs for decades, if you know someone operating a UAS SmogHog, you know they won't use anything else in their operation. We have a wide range of product solutions, including Electrostatic Precipitator (ESPs) and media mist collection technology. We won't force fit our equipment into your application - we match the solution to your unique application needs. View our Industrial Filtration Solutions brochure or our SmogHog eBrochure to learn more about our systems.

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SmogHog ESP Mist Collectors

SmogHog electrostatic precipitator (ESP) mist collectors prevent hazardous emissions from escaping into the atmosphere. Situated inside or outside a facility, these modular system mist and fume collectors use a combination of filtering processes to precondition and clean the environment.
PSH & PSG Series: Central System
The SmogHog SHN / SGN Series is the industry's most effective electrostatic precipitator (ESP) solution for removing airborne oil smoke and coolant mist contaminants. Engineered to perform long-term heavy-duty industrial air cleaning, the system offers flexible installation options.
SHN / SGN Series: Ceiling / Machine Mount
The compact SmogHog MSH self-contained ESP mist collector can be mounted directly onto machining centers or nearby using ducting. It is ideal for collecting machine tool coolant mist from applications including CNC machining, cold forming, plastic forming, screw machining, wet grinding and more.
MSH Series: Compact Machine Mount
The Smog-Hog PCN portable mist collector eliminates welding smoke and other metal oxide fumes from employees’ working zones. This portable electrostatic air cleaner can easily reach all indoor areas where smoke and fume source capture are needed.
PCN Series: Portable

The ESP Advantage

More than 95% efficient on mist, smoke, and fume removal. Different than centrifugal, bag or box filters that remove only the largest particles, ESP electrically charges both large and microscopic contaminants, and then strips them from the air stream collecting on grounded collection plates. The resulting discharged air leaves virtually no oil mist, smoke or hazardous particle untouched, releasing only clean air from the system to help you comply with even the strictest federal, state and local environmental standards and keep your workers safe.

SmogHog technology ensures constant airflow, unlike barrier filters that can plug and become ineffective. Additionally, you will save operational costs with this technology, the ESP cells are washable, eliminating otherwise costly filter replacements and disposal concerns, making your factory cleaner and greener.

You will benefit from high level of particulate removal on submicronic particulate (less than 1 micron). A single pass SmogHog ESP unit removes up to 95% of 0.3 micron particles while a double pass unit increases removal efficiency to more than 97%.
Understanding the phases of filtration and fractional efficiency
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SmogHog Media Mist Collectors

Fabric-style media collectors offer the ability to remove both small and large particles from indoor factory processes. Choose from Parker's wide assortment of bag and barrier-type filtration media to best fit a specific industrial process.

The self-contained, SHM SmogHog Media collector effectively removes mist and smoke from the air. This series includes a three stage filtration process that results in a 99% reduction of mist concentration. It delivers performance and easy maintenance with flexible configurations.
SHM Series: Media Mist Collector
DA, DB and DBM media bag dust and mist collectors are simple, economical systems that collect small, large or conductive materials to remove smoke, dust, oil mist and other pollutants. They can help save up to 80% on energy costs by recirculating and retaining heated or cooled clean air.
DA, DB and DBM Series: Ceiling / Wall Mount

SmogHog Industrial Food Emission Control Systems

SmogHog® electrostatic precipitator (ESP) technology is suited for controlling emissions in industrial cooking food processing applications. Applications vary based on the process of cooking, be it frying, smoking, etc. Parker offers configurable systems to tackle your most challenging processes.
PSG Series: Industrial Cooking

Extraction Arms & Accessories

SmogHog Table Mount Extraction HoodsThe most effective and energy-efficient way to control nuisance airborne emissions is to collect the pollutant at or near the source of generation. Our extraction arms and hoods can be connected to Parker SmogHog's wide range of central system and work station mist collectors for fully automated control and capture. Stop the spread of fumes, smoke, dust and other airborne pollutants at the source with our extraction arms, hoods and accessories.

Parker also offers table- and wall-mount source capture hoods that can be adapted to a multitude of operators' work area requirements. These table and wall-mount source capture hoods are designed specifically for use in applications where minimal hood movement is required.

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Electrostatic Precipitator Components

Order your SmogHog ESP Collector Parts from Parker

Are you looking for replacement parts and components for your genuine SmogHog ESP collector? Using genuine SmogHog replacement parts assures that your system maintains effectiveness at the highest level. Do not settle for imitation or alternate components and put your facility at risk. Parker can supply power supplies, collection cells, ionizer wires in addition to the aluminum mesh or Mist-Stop prefilters and safety after filters. Find a Rep.

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Solutions for Custom & OEM Applications

Contact Parker about your dust collection needs

Do you require a custom filter to meet a special application need or as an aftermarket filter for another brand? Parker can design and manufacture the right filter to meet your specified requirements. After nearly 50 years in the filtration business, we have assembled the strongest minds in the business. Our specialists will help you select the best media and filter configuration to fit your unique application.

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