Parker Hannifin Provides You With Superior DustHog Dust Collectors
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The Best of Both Worlds

Want your dust collector to perform to its full potential with optimal efficiency while also gaining significant savings in energy and operational costs?

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Invest in the Best

DustHog Dust Collectors from Parker Dust collectors are an important investment that impacts air pollution control and the health of your employees. Whether the process is intermittent or heavy duty, we offer a wide breadth of DustHog collectors to fit your needs. DustHog is a name trusted for its quality and engineering design. We also provide a complete line of high-performance replacement filters compatible with virtually every major brand of industrial air cleaning equipment. View our Industrial Filtration Solutions brochure or our DustHog eBrochure to learn more about our systems and dust control services.

You can find additional resources for the products listed below on our Solutions & Resources page.

Cartridge DustHog Dust Collectors

Whether meeting new environmental compliance or safety requirements or upgrading existing equipment, we can configure an optimal dust collection solution ideally suited to your application, process, facility requirements and budget. Our cartridge dust collectors come standard with the industry-leading ProTura® Nanofiber cartridge filters for more efficient and effective collection of dust emissions and capture of submicron airborne pollutant particles. The patented pulse cleaning technology used in our cartridge dust collectors provides optimized cleaning power to most effectively pulse off dust from the filter resulting in increased pulse cleaning energy, lower pressure drop, longer cartridge filter life and energy savings.

Source extraction of particulate using SCB is most effective due to its pulse cleaning technology & innovative nozzle design. The SCB captures contaminants & “pulses” them off to drawers below. A showerhead-like nozzle ensures an even distribution of air to maximize the entire length of each filter.
SCB Series: Ceiling-Mount for Longer Filter Life
Effectively remove dust, fumes and smoke from industrial manufacturing processes and applications with the SFC Series cartridge dust collector. With its patented pulse cleaning technology, greater air capacity and quick & easy maintenance, there is no better air filtration method for your facility.
SFC Series Cartridge Dust Collector
The Plug-n-Play is an easy to install dust collection system for your operation. The DustHog PNP Series is not only equipped with the best-in-class filter technology, ProTura® DH nanofiber, but it also delivers energy efficiency with simplified maintenance.
DustHog PNP Series
The MCB Series effectively removes fine airborne dusts while providing workers space for unrestricted movement to perform industrial processes. This completely self-contained system offers versatile configurations that can be used alone or in combination with a containment booth.
MCB Series: Cross-Ventilation
The V Series versatile and portable dust collectors eliminate dust, smoke and powders from a variety of manufacturing operations. Available in three configurations, these economical cartridge dust collectors serve as a portable source capture system with easy installation.
V Series: Versatile, Portable

Cyclone and Baghouse DustHog Dust Collectors

We specialize in solving all types of challenges, ash handling, ash chemistry, dust collection, equipment performance, emissions, filter cleaning, maintenance, gas flow distribution, gas composition/temperature and more. We have a breadth of solutions from compact baghouse dust collectors to heavy-duty freestanding solutions.

The compact, shaker-style SDC Series dust collectors capture airborne pollutants at the source and clean their own filter media upon shutdown. Ideal for intermittent industrial processes like bin ventilation, grinding, packaging and sanding, the SDC installs easily.
SDC Series: Shaker-Style
The CFS Series is ideal for low clearance tunnels and limited access areas. This system transfers and conveys bulk materials that generate process dust, providing a safe, effective and convenient solution to control these emissions with a solution that integrates directly to the material conveyor.
CFS Series: Conveyor Filtration System
Designed with easy service and reliable operation in mind, the Modular Industrial Baghouse (MIB) can handle the most challenging process and nuisance dust collection applications. The system expands in three dimensions and can be equipped with filter media selections to optimize system performance.
MIB Series - Modular Industrial Baghouse

Arms and Accessories

Stop the spread of fumes, smoke, dusts and other airborne pollutants at the source using our dust and welding fume extraction arms and extraction hoods to help keep your workers safe and your facilities cleaner.

The Model XA extraction arms and telescopic extraction arms are extremely easy to position at the source of fume generation. Superior in construction, these arms provide greater suction and less resistance due to their obstruction-free internal design and large bell-mouth aluminum hood.
Model XA Extraction Arms & Telescopic Arms
Parker offers a boom extension compatible with our Model XA extraction arms. Available in 6 in. (160mm) and 8 in. (200 mm) with an 8 ft. (2.4 m) extension, the boom can be mounted on building fixtures when placement of extraction arms within the worker's area is limited due to space restrictions.
Extension Boom
Parker also offers table- and wall-mount source capture hoods that can be adapted to a multitude of operators' work area requirements. Parker designed these table and wall-mount source capture hoods specifically for use in applications where minimal hood movement is required.
Table-Mount & Wall-Mount Extraction Hoods

Ancillary Products

Dust collectors equipped with Parker's Digital Pressure Control (DPC) panel save on overall energy costs and filter replacements. The DPC allows operators to set differential pressure levels to indicate the point at which the control should initiate the collector's pulse cleaning system.
Differential Pressure Panels
For continuous cleaning applications, Parker's Digital Pressure Monitor (DPM) gauge is ideal for displaying differential pressure. The DPM features a numerical digital display for static pressure and an arc lighting feature to see when levels are acceptable or when filters need to be replaced.
Digital Pressure Monitor

Replacement Dust Collection Filters

Genuine Dust Collector Replacement Filters

To meet all of your industrial air filtration needs, select from Parker's complete line of genuine high-performance replacement dust collector filters for superior dust, mist and fume collection. Available in a wide range of media blends and sizes, our superior industrial air filters perform in the most rugged processing environments and provide efficiency up to 99.999%. Order your replacement industrial air filters today by calling 1-800-343-4048 or contact us today.

Solutions for Custom & OEM Applications

Contact Parker about your dust collection needs

Do you require a custom filter to meet a special application need or as an aftermarket filter for another brand? Parker can design and manufacture the right filter to meet your specified requirements. After nearly 50 years in the filtration business, we have assembled the strongest minds in the business. Our specialists will help you select the best media and filter configuration to fit your unique application.

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