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Innovative products for a wide array of applications

Whether in-plant movement of blending agents and preservatives, bottling or packaging or over-the-road-transport of grain and milk, Parker provides versatile industrial hose products to ensure your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

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Industrial and Transfer Hose Solutions

With the precise hose pressure for your application, your industrial hose can maximize production and minimize downtime. For over 50 years, Parker has been the preferred hose manufacturer customers have relied on to transfer abrasive materials, acid and chemicals, air compressed gasses, food and beverage, fuel and many other materials. We manufacture a variety of industrial hoses with covers specifically designed to resistant abrasion, chemicals, flame, heat, oil, ozone, ultraviolet light and weathering.

Product Spotlight

Twinhammer™ Dual Air/Water Jackhammer hose is a unitized, specially bonded dual air/water hose assembly designed to simultaneously transfer air to power jackhammers and water to suppress silica dust during tool operation.
Twinhammer Hose Assembly
Designed to handle extreme bends while allowing full-flow, kink-free performance, E-Z Form™ general service suction hose effectively replaces pre-formed and bent hoses.
E-Z FORM™ GS Greek Corrugated Suction Hose
GST® II is a general purpose rubber hose designed for air compressor and shop air hose systems, transfer of mild/diluted chemicals, and water in applications to 212°F and 300 psi.
GST® II General Purpose Air and Water Hose
Jiffy Push-On/Push Lock oil resistant multipurpose rubber hose is specifically designed to transfer air, mild chemicals, oil, water and refined fuels with its flame retardant cover that protects operators from fire hazards.
Jiffy Push-On Multipurpose Oil Resistant Hose
Wildcatter Oilfield Corrugated Chemical Suction Hose is designed for transfer of many industrial strength acids, chemicals and solvents across a wide variety of chemical media in high pressure and high temperature applications.
Wildcatter Oilfield Corrugated Chemical Hose
Wildcatter Oilfield Petroleum Transport Suction Hose is designed for delivery, transfer and transport of oil and refined fuels across a wide variety of medium pressure, standard duty tank truck applications.
Wildcatter Oilfield Petroleum Transport Hose
Wildcatter Heavy Duty Dry Cement Material Handling Hose incorporates a 1/4" thick rubber tube and is designed for low pressure transfer of dry abrasive materials in applications to 180°F and 75 psi, Series SS247.
Wildcatter Heavy Duty Dry Cement Hose
Goliath Grout Placement Hose is specifically engineered with a thick rubber tube, making it ideal for the transfer of grout and abrasive materials across multiple medium- to high-transfer applications.
Goliath Grout Placement Hose

Custom Made Hose (CMH)

Custom Made Hose applications are found in almost every industry, usually requiring special tube and cover compounds or thicknesses, large inside diameters (up to 48" ID), and built-in nipples and flanges or soft cuff ends. Parker is the largest full-service Custom Made Hose supplier in the United States. Contact one of our experienced hose designers today to determine the unique requirements of the application and design for your specific circumstance.

Competitive Crossover Tool

Need to find an industrial hose replacement part? Our easy-to-use Competitive Crossover Tool for industrial hose enables you to select a competitor name and part number to find the Parker equivalent of the hose.

World Class Development and Test

The assembly proof test is a non-destructive hydrostatic pressure test of the hose assembly.
Proof Test
The assembly burst test is a hydrostatic pressure test of the hose assembly that determines the actual burst strength of the assembly.
Burst Test
The assembly tensile test is a test of the tensile force required to fail a hose.
Tensile Test
The electrical continuity test consists of testing the electrical resistance or a hose assembly from coupling to coupling using a low-voltage ohmmeter for hose assemblies.
Electrical Continuity Test
The assembly flex test is designed to cycle flex hose assemblies filled with fuel or water at a 90° rotation while suspended with a 10 lb. load attached to the assembly.
Flex Test
The cold bend test consists of placing the assembly in a cold box at -40°C for 24 hours, then bending the test sample around a mandrel having a diameter that is 10 times the nominal internal diameter of the hose.
Cold Bend Test
An assembly impulse test is a test which pulsates internal pressure at a rate between .5 and 1.3 Hz. through the hose assemblies for a specified pressure, temperature, and number of cycles.
Impulse Test

Industrial Hose Selector

Narrow down precisely what you need with the STAMP process

Need a hose or fitting? Our hose selector application allows you to search the entire catalog of products from Parker's Hose Products quickly and efficiently. Narrow down precisely what you need with the STAMP process, or browse thousands of products by category.

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Crimpsource is the industry’s most complete resource for crimper technical information. Crimpsource provides easy access to all the specifications necessary to correctly fabricate a factory quality hose assembly such as crimp specs, PDFs of technical manuals, part lists, and troubling shooting advice.