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We have the largest selection of industrial transfer hose plus more industrial hose fitting sizes and configurations than any other manufacturer.

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Quick Reference Hose GuideIndustrial hose applications become more demanding every day. New rubber compounds, higher working pressures and temperatures, stricter environmental and safety regulations – all make hose and fitting selection a challenge. The traditional industry practice of mixing and matching hoses and fittings from different manufacturers carries greater risk than ever. Poor quality or incorrectly fabricated hose assemblies cause equipment damage, lost productivity, personal injury, or worse. Therefore, Parker has created an extensive product literature library to enable you to safety and effectively choose the right products for your industrial hose application.

Safety Guides, Tables and Certificates

It is important to employ safe practices in the use of industrial hose due to the number of potentially dangerous applications encountered and products conveyed, and the number of people that may be involved or exposed. Strictly observe these simple practices to help avoid accidents:

  • Train all operators thoroughly
  • Evaluate the application to determine the hose assembly performance requirements
  • Select the most appropriate hose and couplings for the application; ensure that the couplings are compatible with the media and hose, and securely attached to the hose
  • Regularly inspect and maintain both the hose and couplings while in service. In addition to these guidelines, please consult a wide array of safety documents

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Parker’s innovative industrial transfer hose solutions have a full range of diameters as well as cover options to meet market requirements. Download helpful resources including Parker’s Industrial Hose Catalog and guides for specific markets such as oil and gas or marine. If you need more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.

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As an industrial manufacturer leader, we do more than just provide the most efficient, powerful performance industrial hose, fitting and equipment, we provide an easy way to order literature online so you can make informed purchasing decisions instantly.

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Need a Crimp Spec?

Need a Crimp Spec?

Crimpsource is the industry's most complete resource for crimper technical information. Crimpsource provides easy access to all the specifications necessary to correctly fabricate a factory quality hose assembly such as crimp specs, PDFs of technical manuals, part lists, and troubling shooting advice.

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Asset Management

Parker Tracking SystemWhen time is money, avoiding unplanned downtime is key, and Parker Tracking System (PTS) is the innovative component-tagging and tracking solution that’s made for successful preventive maintenance. With PTS, components traditionally viewed as replaceable commodities are now just as vital as your most expensive equipment. PTS helps users record, manage, and retrieve all critical asset information quickly and accurately, allowing for faster, easier, and more exact ordering of replacement parts and assemblies. And with PTS Pro asset management, you can customize inspection and replacement schedules from your mobile device. So, when it’s almost time to replace that 30-hose assembly, it’s already being made and shipped by your distributor.

Have Specific Questions, Contact Us

Industrial hose covers a broad spectrum of fluid transfer lines, including flow lines for fluids and gases in pneumatic, hydraulic, or process applications, as well as specialized uses in heavy industry such as mining, geotechnical, and construction. Industrial hose is usually application-specific; so, we recommend a consultation with a hose manufacturer such as Parker regarding specific applications.

Competitive Crossover Tool

Need to find an industrial hose replacement part? Our easy-to-use Competitive Crossover Tool for industrial hose enables you to select a competitor name and part number to find the Parker equivalent of the hose.