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Metal Seal Design eHandbook

Parker's Metal Seal Design Guide: High Performance Engineered Seals and Sealing Systems

The Global Leader in Sealing Technology

Parker Hannifin specializes in high performance engineered seals and sealing systems. In addition to its diversified line of sealing components, Parker offers fully engineered sealing systems for specialty applications over a wide range of challenging environments. Our highly respected jet engine seals are widely used in commercial and aerospace engines and include E-rings, C-rings, O-rings and AS1895 seals. Parker also supplies cryogenic and high temperature metallic seals to various major rocket programs, previously including the Space Shuttle's Main Engines (SSME). Parker Hannifin holds ISO 9001, AS9100, FAA approvals and various NADCAP approvals for special processes.

This site is a guide to Metal Seals from Parker's Composite Sealing Systems (CSS) Division. We offer a variety of sizes, shapes, cross sections and materials to satisfy the sealing needs of your extreme environments. Below you will find an overview about our capabilities along with information on size and material selection, technical information and additional seal styles that we offer.

General Metal Seal Information

How To Use the Metal Seal Design Guide

The Advanced Products Business Unit’s line of resilient metal seals are offered in a variety of sizes, shapes, cross sections and materials to satisfy the sealing needs of your extreme environments. The metal seal part number defines all of the key design elements. This design guide provides a rapid, unambiguous, self-selection process with all the features, applications and limitations of each product clearly stated. We've organized this site into sections to easily allow you to determine the part number of the metal seal that is right for your application.

For specific part number information, please refer to: Metal Seal Type  |  Seal Diameter and Seal Cross Section  |  Material, Temper, and Finish Codes

Metal Seal Design Guide

Download this helpful PDF listing typical Market Applications and sealing solutions.
Use these tools and links to find the metal seal type and size ideal for your project. Parker produces metal seals in a number of standard designs which are appropriate for use in a broad spectrum of the most commonly encountered applications.
Access files quickly with specifications that detail the available materials for non-spring energized seals and spring energized seals.
View and download performance data, leak rate data, installation guidelines, specifications and more.
Many of our customers have unique demands and we are pleased to offer our sealing expertise for your specialized applications. Learn more about additional styles, contact us about your specific metal seal project using our helpful forms and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Why Choose Parker Metal Seals?

The most extreme environments demand metal seal sealing solutions. Resilient metal seals meet the challenges of high temperatures or cryogenics, high pressures or hard vacuum, corrosive chemicals and even intense levels of radiation performing dependably year after year.

Each discrete function including load, springback and outer sealing layer ductility/hardness can be optimized to ensure highest seal performance in every situation.
Functional Components
Direct bonding onto the load bearing substrate eliminates unnecessary parts and failure modes.
Directly Bonded Electroplating
Internal hydrostatic pressures supplement the self-energization forces from the tubing, jacket or spring. This helps at high pressures over 3,000 psi (21 MPa) enabling sealing at 25,000 psi (170 MPa) and beyond, without risk of blow-by during proof or burst testing.
Pressure Energization
Service covers custom and standard sized seals from 0.250" to 150" (6 mm to 3.8 m) in diameter, including circular and non-circular shapes. We also offer the complete range of MS metal O-ring sizes, all AS1895 E-ring sizes, and the fastest delivery of C-rings from our preferred size list.
Total Metal Seal Service
JIT deliveries are assured due to design, testing and most manufacturing processes (including roll and die-forming, machining, welding, heat-treatment, electroplating) being performed within our own facilities.
Rapid Response and JIT
With stringent pollution and leakage legislation, plus the demand for greater efficiency and lifetime reliability, metal seals provide the highest integrity sealing solutions for jet engine and space applications as well as oil, gas, chemical equipment, plastic molding, and diesel engine markets.
Preferred Solution

Partnering with Parker

We focus on serving the fluid containment needs of high-technology industries demanding absolute integrity and reliability. With our extensive and integrated line of seals and sealing systems we are able to design, test, analyze and produce the total fluid containment and sealing needs for extreme environments. We have a reputation for innovative designs, high quality products, responsive support and a long history of producing customized solutions for unique extreme environments. You will find our company a vigorous partner in both development and production of your sealing system.

Making dependable sealing systems for safety-critical and extreme applications for industries such as aerospace, transportation, and oil and gas goes beyond excellence in design and manufacturing. It also means a deep commitment to quality.
Dependable Sealing for Extreme Environments
A sealing system consists of the main sealing elements such as metal and polymer seals, as well as other components including flanges, clamps, connectors, and valve bodies. Parker is your partner for the entire sealing systems process from concept and design through production.
Complete Sealing Systems
We offer our services in the research and development of materials and sealing technology. Our team of experienced engineers and scientists are able to develop and test new products and materials, perform extensive research and create new technology.
Contract R&D
Our technical strength comes from a broad based R&D and engineering staff with specialties across many scientific disciplines and engineering fields. Our capabilities include complete sealing system design, development and qualification testing in accordance with various industry design codes.
State-of-the-Art Engineering
Comprehensive research, analysis and testing of metals, polymers, thermoplastics and composites enable us to develop and use materials best suited for your application. We consider many factors including cost, availability and sourcing.
Materials Research
Core manufacturing technologies include metal roll and die forming, various fusion weld methods, CNC machining of metals, polymers and thermoplastics, vacuum heat treatment and electroplating. We also offer production engineering skills for designing machines and processes.
Manufacturing Technologies
We perform comprehensive qualification testing of the sealing systems, as well as 100% functional testing of production units. We also design elaborate test fixtures and equipment to meet the testing and functional requirements of your unique sealing system and can work with outside test facilities.
Test Capabilities
Every Parker sealing system is treated with a complete project management approach to ensure all aspects of the program run smoothly, efficiently and in strict adherence to your schedule requirements.
Total Project Management