Aluminum Pipe Compressed Air Videos and Training for Transair
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Transair Video Library

Watch the videos below for more information about Transair, Transair Condition Monitoring and compressed air piping installation.

Transair System Overview

Transair System Overview Video

Learn what makes Transair Aluminum Piping Systems unique.

Pipe-to-Pipe Challenge

Watch the Pipe-to-Pipe Challenge Video

Witness the Transair difference as Transair aluminum piping goes head-to-head against copper pipe and carbon steel pipe.

Trust the Best, Trust Transair

With 20+ years of experience in the industry, Parker Transair has over 750,000 installations worldwide. Parker Transair is the leading pipe for Compressed Air, Vacuum, and Inert Gas applications. Watch the videos below to learn why these satisfied customers chose Transair for their recent installations.

Jacob Alexander from Sunset Air recently used Transair for Compressed Air in a 200,000 sq ft facility. Watch to see why he chose Transair for this job.
Jermaine Robertson from Dynamic Roofing & Restoration Services recently installed his first Transair system. Watch to see his reaction after using Transair.
Brian Teel from RiteWay Plumbing recently used Transair for a compressed air system. Watch as he talks about his experience installing the system.
Watch Rick Weinstock from KMS Piping talk about his experience installing 8,000ft of Transair piping for a compressed air system.
Watch Bo Meier from Depue Mechanical discuss his latest install using Transair. Bo's project consisted of 4,000ft of Transair.
Bill Hagood from Fori Automation recently used Transair for a machinery installation. Watch why Bill chose Transair over the traditional methods of Copper and Steel piping.
Eric Lauster from AMS Mechanical uses Transair in his warehouse installations. Learn why he chose Transair for these installations.

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