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Flight control actuation systems and components

Parker Aerospace is the number-one stick-to-surface flight control system provider in the world, and a global leader in fly-by-wire flight controls. Our systems pedigree is over three decades long and our overall experience nearly a century deep in both military and civilian applications. Flight control

Flight control equipment and solutions

Flight Control innovations

Parker Aerospace provides full stick-to-surface flight control systems for these aircraft: Airbus A220; Bombardier Global 7000 and Global 8000; Embraer Legacy 450 and 500.
Our fly-by-wire primary and secondary flight controls have been in civil and military applications for decades, providing unparalleled performance and reliability.
Lockheed Martin F-22
The product of two-plus decades of research, development, and flight-tested reliability, Parker electrostatic actuators (EHAs) and electrical backup hydraulic actuators (EBHAs) lower system weight, decrease power consumption, and reduce lifecycle costs.
Parker's adaptable and scalable EMA equipment, such as that for Embraer's Phenom, offer the benefit of more affordable systems with less lead time. We also provide EMA systems for the Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin missile, Lockheed Martin Polecat, and many other military and civilian platforms.
Embraer Phenom
Parker's flight control systems integration laboratories (SILs) allow us to bring subsystems and full stick-to-surface systems to market faster and more cost effectively. SILs allow for complete development and integration, and aid in the certification of modular, fly-by-wire flight control systems.
Systems integration laboratories (SILs)

Fuel Systems and Components

As the premier global provider of fuel systems and components, Parker Aerospace offers a broad and deep portfolio of solutions for virtually every type of aircraft in the sky. Our customers look to us to provide design, integration, manufacture, certification, and lifetime support of their aircraft, improving their program and business performance. Fuel systems

Fuel system innovations

Our pumps can be designed to work with all types of power. The pump shown is unique, powered by 270 V BLDC. The overarching advantage of our fuel pump product line is its compatibility with constant or variable frequency AC, and DC power.
270 V BLDC fuel boost pumps
Parker's fuel measurement and management systems and components are engineered to reduce weight and save fuel while minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency.
Measurable high performers: fuel gauging equipment
Extensive on-site capabilities and a state-of-the-art fuel system testing laboratory duplicate actual operating conditions, giving Parker Aerospace the proven capacity to test complete aircraft fuel systems and components.
Fueling excellence: on-site system testing
Military customers have long looked to Parker Aerospace to provide the critical equipment needed for extending the range of their aircraft. Our refueling couplers, nozzles, receptacles, and test kits represent today's leading edge in aerial refueling design, performance, and durability.
Aerial refueling: making the right connection

Inerting Subsystems

With more than 50 years of experience in the complex science of fuel tank fire suppression, Parker is the world leader in inerting systems used in both military and commercial markets. Our commercial fuel tank inerting equipment is used by more than 85% of the transport aircraft in production today, on 15 major platforms. Inerting

Inerting innovations

Catalytic inerting enables simpler and lighter fuel tank inerting systems. Requiring no bleed air, catalytic inerting offers a significant advantage for aircraft with limited available bleed air. Parker Aerospace and PHYRE Technologies are teaming to bring catalytic inerting to the marketplace.
Catalytic inerting
1) Ullage gas is drawn from fuel tank. 2) Gas stream is reacted in a catalyst. 3) Gas stream is cooled and water removed. 4) Nitrogen and inert products of reaction returned to the fuel tank.
Catalytic inerting
With 50+ years of military and commercial inerting technology leadership, no other company can match the depth or breadth of our fuel tank inerting system experience. It started in the 1960s with stored-gas and on-board inert gas generating systems, and today features permeable membrane systems.
Inerting history

Hydraulic Systems and Components

As the leading provider of fully integrated hydraulic systems and advanced hydromechanical and electromechanical subsystems and components, Parker Aerospace offers the talent and resources our customers count on for program success. Our range of system functions includes hydraulic rotating products, hydraulic utility products, and actuation systems. Hydraulic

Hydraulic equipment and solutions

Hydraulic innovations

Partnering with Parker's Filtration Group, Parker Aerospace offers onboard filtration and fluid condition monitoring solutions to help ensure safe operation, lower weight, protect flight-critical components, and reduce maintenance costs while providing robust protection against system contamination.
Filtration: adding life to hydraulic systems
The controller powers hydraulic motor pumps, is DO178/DO254 compatible in commercial aircraft, and features a rugged, environmentally sealed, and explosion-proof enclosure that provides for the self-removal of heat. The controller monitors health and reports it to the aircraft operating system.
We took the lead to work with 787 partners to preassemble 60 major components, plus hundreds of structural elements and fasteners, into a single deliverable unit. The module is engineered to quickly interface with the wing for simplified installation, while reducing supply chain infrastructure.
Aft strut fairing module

Fluid Conveyance Systems and Components

Parker Aerospace's broad fluid conveyance portfolio offers comprehensive solutions built from a proven pedigree and technical depth. From fuel and hydraulic systems, to crashworthy safety systems and engine build-ups, we can supply fluid conveyance for every critical engine and airframe system. Fluid Conveyance

Fluid conveyance innovations

Parker provides you with the shortened lead times, lower costs, and value you'd expect from a partner, plus smart fluid conveyance solutions for engine systems, fuel systems, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, landing gear, potable water systems, and lubrication systems.
Complex hose/tube assemblies
Quick-disconnect couplings
On countless aircraft you will find our fuel caps and adapters - including the Lightning Safe® brand where lightning safety is required. For potable and waste water applications, we provide composite ducts and tubing that integrate with other Parker components for complete subsystem solutions.
Caps and adapters with lock
Waste water subsystems
As a fluid conveyance system integrator, we make it simple for manufacturers to make the right connections in their aircraft. From hydraulics, anti-icing, ducting, and environmental control, to fuel injection manifolds, and fuel lines, Parker keeps things flowing throughout aircraft of all types.
Engine build-up units
Landing gear fluid conveyance


Pneumatic, lubrication, thermal management, engine actuation

Equipment and solutions for pneumatics & more

Pneumatic and engine actuation innovations

Our equipment includes anti-ice and de-icing systems; APU load control, butterfly, coaxial, bleed air manifold isolation, air turbine starter, temperature-control, and check valves; temperature sensors and controls; low-pressure regulators; shutoff and nacelle cooling/ventilation valves.
Pneumatic icon
Our cost-effective equipment is well proven and reliable and includes; anti-ice, regulating, shutoff, transient bleed, turbine-tip clearance-control, and heat management system valves; handling-bleed systems; secondary air system and solenoid valves; fuel, motor, and pneumatic actuation.
Pneumatic icon

Lubrication and thermal management innovations

Our systems deliver high value in small envelopes. Products include lube/scavenge pumps, air/oil separators, oil filtration, conveyance, bypass/pressure relief, and drain valves, caps and adapters, oil cooling systems and reservoirs, oil level sensors and indicators, and magnetic debris monitors.
Lubrication Engine Oil Tank
Lubrication system
Parker's thermal management team provides solutions for heat collection and rejection. Designed as stand-alone solutions or integrated as part of larger environmental control systems, our equipment offers high heat removal and design flexibility, plus significant size, weight, and power advantages.
Thermal management system
Heat rejection panels

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