Parker Aerospace excellence
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Standardized Excellence

One of the benefits of a larger organization, with many experienced minds put to bear on complex challenges, is that our solutions are often best-in-class. These best practices are then systematized and employed across the organization, essentially standardizing excellence.

Program management

Program management awardAll Parker Aerospace program managers are required to obtain certification as Project Management Professionals by PMI®, the Project Management Institute. This certification gives our program managers an in-depth understanding of the discipline and the positive affect it has on customer programs. Certification is held by many of our engineers, contract administrators, and functional managers as well.


In 2016, the program management office at Parker Aerospace was recognized as one of the world's top three by the Project Management Institute. The company puts strong emphasis on the use of standardized, professional program management methodologies through our engineering and production programs. This enables us to manage program costs, schedule, scope, and risks, while aligning with customer and industry standards.

Lean Practices

Lean practices

Lean practices are integrated in all we do, going beyond manufacturing to lean enterprise systems that have become a part of our culture and an important aspect of program management. This translates to an overriding philosophy of being fastest to market, with the highest quality, the best value, and the shortest value stream. Lean events, held on the factory floor and in administrative offices, reduce inventories, lead times, turnaround and cycle times, and backlogs for increased productivity, faster and better customer service, and improved yield. 

Making a difference in standardized excellence

Throughout Parker, worker safety is our top priority. To that end, we are implementing the use of Gensuite® safety management processes to monitor, record, track, and reduce accidents. Our teams reinforce safety best practices and optimize equipment and operations in pursuit of zero accidents.
Parker Aerospace Safety 1st
Our Zero Defects program is designed to reduce defects to zero, providing Six Sigma quality as standard. Some of the steps we're taking include reinforcing detection methods for containment, detecting variation sources, improving processes, and employee/supplier engagement, training, and metrics.
Zero Defects Logo
World-class organizations rely on a supply chain that is aligned with the organization's goals and works toward the benefit of the end customer. We employ a common, systematic approach to building supply chain excellence that results in lower costs, higher quality, and consistent on-time delivery.
Supply chain
Our emphasis on operations flow is unparalleled and of critical importance, providing our customers the highest productivity, line item yields, and personal service. Based on a practice of continuous improvement to provide 100 percent on-time delivery, we excel at all aspects of operations.
Parker Aerospace meets its operational goals by developing in-house test and assembly, applying lean principles, training high-performance teams for greater capacity, applying factory transformations to streamline and speed production and delivery, and investing in the latest processes and tools.
Nexus Mazak

Parker Aerospace Divisions

Global leader in aircraft wheel & brake technologies, supplying 90 percent of reciprocating engine aircraft and 70 percent of the general aviation aircraft.
Aircraft Wheel & Brake Division (AWBD)
As a team leader, partner, or subcontractor, our flight control experience extends across military, commercial, and business platforms, while embracing a wide range of industry-changing programs.
Control Systems Division (CSD)
Provides customized service solutions to meet your needs for spares, repairs, and overhaul services for all Parker Aerospace airframe and engine products.
Customer Support Operations (CSO)
An all-in-one provider saving time, reducing waste, adding efficiency, and expanding output for fuel systems/pumps/gauging, inerting systems, engine/airframe pneumatics, electronic controllers, water & waste equipment, plus lightning protection.
Fluid Systems Division (FSD)
The leading provider of fully integrated hydraulic systems and advanced hydromechanical and electromechanical subsystems and components.
Hydraulics Systems Division (HSD)
Working in the heart of the most powerful gas turbine engines in the world, cooling electronics and aircraft, and powering industrial and commercial applications on both land and sea.
Gas Turbine Fuel Systems Division (GTFSD)
With decades of engine integration pedigree and a proven product portfolio, we design and manufacture complete engine fluid conveyance systems tailored to any needs.
Stratoflex Products Division (SPD)

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