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Real-Time Data and Reduced Downtime

With our condition monitoring solutions, you can remotely monitor equipment and processes in injection molding, metal forming, power generation, mobile transportation and more.

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IoT Resources

As management of plants and other assets grows more complex, integrating automated monitoring of key performance indicators at the discrete level provides a built-in safeguard against unplanned downtime or consequential damages.

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Condition Monitoring Resources

From brochures, bulletins, and catalogs to instructional videos, Parker’s condition monitoring library features the most comprehensive collection of downloadable resources for your use. Browse our compilation of materials to find what you need.

What solution is best for me?

Whether you require Route-Based Monitoring, or Continuous Condition Monitoring, there is a Voice of the Machine and SensoNODE solution to meet your needs.

When used together, Voice of the Machine Software and SensoNODE Sensors create an advanced condition monitoring solution that delivers vital measurement data and analytics to help drive optimal tactical, operational, and strategic decisions, leading to maximum uptime.

Product Bulletins and FAQs

For more long-term condition monitoring applications, continuous remote monitoring allows you to track measurements to gauge the health of your machines and processes.
Continuous Remote Monitoring Bulletin
Discover the latest additions to the SensoNODE product line including new sensors and the 4-20mA Transmitter.
SensoNODE Blue & VoM Software Products
Pressure is critical to the process and quality control in industrial machinery and SensoNODE sensors offer uninterrupted condition monitoring.
View the SensoNODE Pressure Sensors Bulletin
Temperature sensors helps align your machine requirements and production standards to ensure peak performance and safe operation of your equipment.
View the SensoNODE Temperature Sensors Bulletin
Heat, humidity and moisture spell trouble for machines and affect product integrity, which is why it's critical that your machines and processes maintain optimum temperature and humidity levels.
View the SensoNODE Humidity Sensors Bulletin
These Flexible Displacement Sensors can be used to measure strain, displacement or vibration in machines, vehicles, production lines, plants, and facilities.
View the Industrial High-Strain Sensor Bulletin
Parker’s SensoNODE Vibration Sensors provide a simple and effective way to measure vibration of industrial machinery.
SensoNODE Vibration Sensor Bulletin
With Voice of the Machine Edge Software, you can seamlessly connect to nearly all industrial devices and systems, liberating, processing, and integrating the data from the factory floor into Cloud or on-premise, enterprise systems.
View Voice of the Machine Edge Software Bulletin
Get answers to the most frequently asked questions in this convenient multi-page handout.
SensoNODE Blue and Voice of the Machine FAQ
The 4-20mA transmitter enhances any existing wired sensor by providing wireless capabilities with no need to reprogram or recode the existing control system.
4-20mA Transmitter Bulletin

Success Stories

Learn how Parker's Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics solutions are helping customers in a range of industry applications.

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