Parker Prädifa XXL-Size Seals and Moldings
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Chemical Process Industry

The chemical process industry poses special challenges to sealing systems.

Application Examples

Chemical Process Industry

The chemical process industry poses special challenges to sealing systems. This applies to both chemical resistance and functional performance as well as to the dimensions of the equipment and facilities. Lines may extend over a length of several kilometers and boilers/vessels, rectification columns, filter and drying systems sometimes have huge dimensions as well. Parker Prädifa has the appropriate sealing materials, manufacturing equipment and specialized know-how for the production of large-size sealing solutions meeting the high demands of the chemical process industry.


Typical Products

  • O-rings (made from rubber, PTFE or metal)

  • Dynamic sealing profiles made from rubber or PTFE (Flexiseal®)

  • Sealing profiles for boiler/vessel seals in food and chemical production (made from rubber, PTFE or metal)

  • Wipers (made from rubber or PTFE)

  • Rotary seals (e.g. FlexiCase® or FlexiLip®)

  • Bearings

  • Rotationally symmetric moldings (PTFE or other plastics)

Oil and Gas

In view of the diversity of applications and harsh operating conditions, the global oil and gas industry arguably makes the most challenging demands on sealing solutions. Sealing solutions for the oil and gas market are always of critical importance for the safe, reliable and efficient operation of offshore and onshore equipment and facilities. Besides withstanding high temperatures, pressures and aggressive media, seals with diameters that may be larger than 4 meters, for instance in swivel stacks on FPSO units, have to resist high bending forces as well. In high-performance polymer materials and appropriately designed geometries, Parker Prädifa offers the right solutions for large-size seals in the oil and gas sector.            


Typical Products

  • O-rings

  • Anti-extrusion rings

  • Spring-energized polymer seals (FlexiSeals®)

  • O-ring-energized polymer seals (Slipper Seals®)

  • Chevron seals

  • Lip seals (e.g. PolyPak®)

  • Machined moldings

  • Wipers

Power Generation

Like many other industry markets, energy production is currently in a state of fundamental transformation. Established technologies are increasingly being replaced or at least changed by new, climate-friendlier ones. Smaller gas turbines, for instance, take the place of previous “super-turbines” and nuclear power plants are retrofitted with even more complex safety systems. All of these challenges require reliable and long-lasting sealing solutions. This applies to new, emerging sectors such as wind power, hydropower and solar energy as well. Parker Prädifa offers the right sealing solutions for both established and new technologies.    


Typical Products

  • O-rings

  • Composite sealing washers

  • Radial shaft seals

  • Piston and rod seals

  • Metal seals

  • Fabric-reinforced bellows