XXL-Size Seals and Moldings
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XXL Size Seals and Molded Parts

Powerful Solutions for Large-Scale Applications

XXL-Size Seals and Moldings

There is a wide range of industries where, in addition to average-size and miniaturized equipment, large-scale systems are used that require components and sealing systems matching the size of the equipment.

The production of large seals for challenging applications is not simply a matter of scaling up know-how of traditional seal design. The reason is that XXL sizes not only pose particular handling challenges in the manufacturing process, but do so even earlier, in the design and testing stages.

As a specialist in engineered materials, engineering design and process technology Parker Prädifa offers an extensive portfolio of large-size seals and moldings made of polymers such as NBR, EPDM, FKM, PTFE and PEEK, as well as metal.


Polymer seals made from machinable materials
Using a new type of manufacturing technology, Parker Prädifa is able to produce polymer seals from machinable materials like PTFE and PEEK up to a diameter of 4.5 meters.

Elastomer seals
Thanks to innovative continuous vulcanization manufacturing technology there are practically no size limitations for elastomer seals.

Metal seals
Spring-energized metal C-rings can be produced in diameters of up to 7.6 m. Non-rotationally symmetric E-, O- and C-seals can be produced in lengths of up to 2.3m.


Whether small or large: In addition to the appropriate seal design, which Parker Prädifa develops for you using state-of-the-art simulation technology and virtual prototyping by means of Finite Element Analysis, the selection of the materials best suiting your application is crucial for XXL-size seals and moldings as well.

Besides metal seals, sealing solutions made of polymeric materials such as rubber, thermoplastic elastomers or other thermoplastic materials like TPU, PTFE and PEEK are commonly utilized.

Elastomers, particularly rubber compounds, are among the most commonly used sealing materials in the chemical industry. Parker Prädifa offers an extensive portfolio of high-performance polymers from the EPDM, NBR, FKM and FFKM family of materials for the most exacting demands.
Using a new type of manufacturing technology, Parker Prädifa is able to produce machinable polymer seals from materials like PTFE, PEEK and TPU up to a diameter of 4.5 meters.
When classic sealing materials – for instance in temperature ranges above 300°C and below -50°C – reach their limits alternative materials are required such as metal with appropriate coating/plating.


There is a wide range of industries with large-scale systems requiring components and sealing systems in dimensions matching the size of the equipment. Diameters of several meters are not uncommon in many sectors such as manufacturing plant and equipment, buildings and pipelines, tunnel construction and mining, energy production, the oil and gas industry, high-tech medicine, aerospace and many others.

The chemical process industry poses special challenges to sealing systems. This applies to both chemical resistance and functional performance as well as to the dimensions of the equipment and facilities.
In view of the diversity of applications and harsh operating conditions, the global oil and gas industry arguably makes the most challenging demands on sealing solutions.
Like many other industry markets, energy production is currently in a state of fundamental transformation. Established technologies are increasingly being replaced or at least changed by new, climate-friendlier ones.

Application Examples

The demands to be met by XXL-size seals are as varied as the applications in which they may be used: media resistances, thermal and mechanical loads, environmental conditions, etc.