Parker Prädifa XXL-Size Seals and Moldings
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Application Examples

The demands to be met by XXL-size seals are as varied as the applications in which they may be used: media resistances, thermal and mechanical loads, environmental conditions, etc.

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Chemical Process Industry

Parker Prädifa developed a precision sealing solution using an FFKM compound that in addition to permanent temperatures of 250 °C resists the aggressive process media and is manufactured by continuous vulcanization as a seal without butt joints.
For an industrial heat exchanger with temperatures of 350 °C at 100 bar and steam as the medium, Parker Prädifa developed a spring-energized metal C-ring with a diameter of 1.3 meters.
Parker Prädifa developed a new solution which replaces the previous sealing solution, an O-ring made from from extruded round cord stock with a diameter of > 1,000 mm by a continuously molded precision O-ring without failure-prone butt joints.

Oil and Gas

Parker Prädifa offers sealing solutions for FPSO swivel stacks - both for internal and environmental sealing applications - made from diverse materials in complex geometries and diameters of up to 4.5 meters.
Parker Prädifa developed an O-ring sealing solution from an FKM high-performance compound with excellent temperature, media and RGD resistance in dimensions of >2.500 mm x 8 mm.

Power Generation

Parker Prädifa developed special low-friction PTFE seals energized by metal springs to seal the large rotating shafts. The PTFE materials exhibit outstanding chemical and thermal resistance, low wear rates and low friction values.
Parker Prädifa offers metal seals for gas turbines featuring an advanced, segmented design. They withstand temperatures of up to 650 °C under high pressures. Options are E-seals or spring-energized C-seals, depending on the size of the sealing gap.