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Improve Hose Strength, Eliminate Failures

Bonding hoses improves the management of the hose in applications, eliminating many of the reasons hoses are damaged and fail.

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Bonded and Formed Hoses

Multi-line Hose from Parker ParflexBonded hoses improve the management of the hose and increases the overall strength, eliminating some of the reasons hoses fail in the field. A bonded hose is particularly beneficial in lift truck, hydraulic crane and aerial lift applications.

Twin-Line hoses consist of two hoses permanently joined for the entire length of the hose, offering a compact system for easy installation and smooth operation. A standard twin-line hose keeps side by side single line hydraulic hoses from rolling over each other under pressure, (sometimes referred to as a "spaghetti effect"). It also reduces unexpected downtime, maintenance calls and field claims. In addition, inventory reductions come from the consolidation of two hoses into one.

Parflex Multi-Line hoses consist of two to ten hoses (or a maximum width of 10") in various combinations of sizes and types.

Where needed, hoses can be separated to allow for routing.