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TrueSeal Black Polypropylene Now Available!

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Why TrueSeal™ valves and fittings with Kynar®?

Your choice over stainless steel – Aside from the obvious benefits of lighter system weight and faster assembly, water systems built with TrueSeal™ fittings and valves made from Kynar® PVDF offer significant advantages over the use of stainless steel. TrueSeal™ potable water fittings advantages include:

  • Better performance in corrosive environments, requiring no passivation
  • Smooth surface enables products using Kynar® PVDF to more easily transport fluid and reduce the likelihood of biomass growth
  • Kynar® systems become cleaner over time because of its low leachables and extractables versus stainless steel
  • Resistant to a wide range of sterilization chemicals, making products using Kynar® ideal for applications requiring high purity water.


Robust push-to-connect fittings ideal for water treatment and harsh chemical environments. Available in several materials. Parker TrueSeal are widely accepted in water conditioning, filtration, and reverse osmosis applications, and on water, soft drink, beer, wine, and condiment dispensing systems.
Parker TrueSeal fittings
Compact, push-to-connect, full-flow profile fittings for water applications. LIQUIfit™ plastic quick connect fitting is suitable for water, potable liquid, and neutral gas applications. It offers high chemical resistance to such things as chlorine, cleaning agents, UV and limits biofilm development.
Parker LIQUIfit™ fittings
Parker's Fast & Tite® compression style fittings installs in seconds without tools and provides a tight, sure, leak proof connection. A unique grab ring for tube retention with a Nitrile o-ring creates a positive seal and tube retention with only hand tight assembly.
Parker Fast & Tite® Fittings
A four-barb design that generates maximum gripping and sealing power when combined with a hose clamp. Meet FDA and NSF 51 requirements; ideal in medical, pollution control, and food and beverage applications, as well as irrigation, instrumentation, reverse osmosis, and deionized water systems.
Parker Par-Barb® Fittings

Ball and Angle Stop Valves

The LIQUIfit™ angle stop adapter valve is designed to allow users to quickly add a connection between an angle stop valve and a riser when installing water filtration equipment, coffee brewers or ice makers into a plumbing system.
Parker LIQUIfit™ Angle Stop Valve
Parker's polypropylene ball valves save cost with built-in LIQUIfit™, TrueSeal™ and Par-Barb™ connections eliminating the need for a secondary fitting. The compact design allows for easy assembly and access where space is at a premium.
Parker Polypropylene Ball Valves

Polypropylene and Polyethylene Tubing

Meets FDA, NSF Standard 51 for all food contact applications. Offers excellent chemical resistance to chlorinated water, and is commonly used in outdoor applications where UV light stabilization is required.
Parker PP and PPB Series Polypropylene Tubing
Parker polyethylene (PE) tubing is produced from a high molecular weight resin to provide increased dimensional stability, uniformity and long-term strength. Parker PE tubing meets the FDA and NSF-51 requirements for food contact applications and NSF-61 for potable water.
Parker E/EB Series Polyethylene Tubing


Chemical compatibility guide


LIQUIfit™ Water Service Kit

Whether you are a wholesaler, distributor, service technician, or retailer, our handy parts kit contains all the fittings and valves you will need to make a repair or replacement. 


For more information and to order fscsales@parker.com

LIQUIfit™ Water Service Kit

 Part# 92WATKIT