Transair Compressed Air Products and Applications
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Commitment to Sustainability

Transair pipe and fittings are 100% recyclable resulting in a decreased carbon footprint.

Transair Aluminum Piping Overview

Transair aluminum pipe system for compressed air, vacuum and inert gas applicationsTransair is the original fast, flexible and easy-to-modify aluminum pipe system for compressed air, vacuum and inert gas applications.

Transair's engineered polymer fittings are reusable and interchangeable and enable manufacturing plant personnel to implement many layout changes within minutes, instead of hours. The ability to reconfigure production layouts or implement process changes quickly is one of the key differentials when compared to traditional compressed air piping systems. This ease of use minimizes downtime and increases plant productivity and efficiency. Transair fittings are simply pushed or bolted together, which enables disassembly when required unlike other connection technologies that are permanently crimped or welded.

Transair 316L Stainless Steel Drops

For harsh environments, Parker Transair offers the 316L line of stainless steel fittings. The 316L range of fittings is ideal for applications where compressed air lines are exposed to frequent chemical washdowns. These fittings feature a modular design and can seamlessly integrate into existing Transair Aluminum or Stainless Steel systems.

Parker Transair offers multiple 316L components for creating stainless steel drops. View the individual components just below the Technical Specifications.

Technical Specifications

Pipe OD: 3/4" (22mm)

Material: 316L Stainless Steel

Seal: FKM

Maximum Working Pressure: 145psi (10bar)

Working Temperature: -4°F to 194°F (-20°C to 120°C)

3/4" (22mm) 316L Stainless Steel pipe, 20 feet long (Part Number: TF16 N7 00)
3/4" (22mm) 316L Stainless Union Connector (Part Number: RF06 N7 02)
3/4" (22mm) 316L Stainless 90° Bent Pipe Elbow (Part Number: RF02 N7 00)
3/4" (22mm) 316L Stainless 90° Elbow (Part Number: RF02 N7 02)
3/4" (22mm) 316L Stainless NPT Tee (Part Number: RF04 06N00)
3/4" (22mm) 316L Stainless Male NPT Adapter (Part Number: RF05 N7N06)
3/4" NPT Threaded Stainless Steel Ball Valve w/ PTFE Seal (Part Number: VP502SS-12)
3/4" 3 Port 316L Stainless NPT Threaded Wall Bracket (Part Number: RF36 06N04)

Compressor Room Solutions

Transair offers a comprehensive line of connectors for the compressor room. Due to the innovative connection technology of Transair, these connectors make connecting the compressor room piping to the distribution piping quick and easy. The Transair compressor room connectors reduce the occurrence of pressure drops, system leakage, and pipe corrosion.


Benefits of Transair's Compressor Room Connectors:

° Reusable and interchangeable fittings that enable layout

   changes to be made within minutes.

° Aluminum fittings designed to reduce the space and number of fittings

   needed, minimizing installation time.

° Fittings that eliminate leaks during the air filtration process, helping keep

   compressor room spaces clean.

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Transair Aluminum Products

Transair Aluminum Piping offers the advantages of being lightweight, strong, and resistant to corrosion. Every pipe has a QUALICOAT certified coating to protect against long-term exposure to the harshest environments.
Transair Aluminum Pipe Connectors are quick and easy to install. The quick connection technology of Transair allows systems to be modified and reconfigured within minutes, instead of hours or days with traditional materials.
Transair valves are designed for quick and easy integration into a Transair system. Each valve features a lockable handle for additional safety. Placing valves at strategic points within the facility allows for system isolation for maintenance or layout reconfiguration.
Transair® Flexible Hose installs quickly to Transair components and without prior preparation or cutting. Due to the tight bend radius, minimum space is required for installation. The SBR cover is resistant to most compressor oils and fire.
Transair Drop Brackets make adding drop lines to an existing compressed air or inert gas system quick and easy. Only a drill and a drilling jig are needed to install a Transair drop bracket. Drop brackets come in 3 variations: Simple or Saddle, Quick Assembly, or Pressurized (Hot Tap) ready.
Transair Wall Brackets make connecting machinery or tools to a compressed air or inert gas supply line quick and easy. Each wall bracket is designed with a drain outlet for ease of bleeding the air lines of moisture or excess air.
Transair Safety Couplers are designed for frequent connection and disconnection of air lines or tools. Designed with safety in mind, the two-turn release feature vents the downstream pressure before the coupler will disconnect, preventing serious hose whip related injuries.
Transair Fixture Accessories are lightweight and easy to install. Transair pipe can only be hung using these accessories. Each fixing clip can support up to 44lbs, but for proper installation two per pipe need to be used.
Transair Hose Reels are lightweight and easily install into an existing Transair system. A hose clutch with free return makes these hoses retract with little resistance. Installing a hose reel will prevent air hose damage that normally occurs from leaving them around the shop.
Transair Installation Tools make installing or modifying a Transair system easier. The Transair tools are easy to operate and built to provide years of dependable service.
Transair connectors, valves, and sensors require the use of Transair accessories to be compliant with the guarantee. Parker Transair offers the needed bolts, cables, cartridges, gaskets, and handles to integrate any Transair connector, valve, or monitoring sensor into an existing system.

Transair Stainless Steel Products

Transair® stainless steel pipe is designed for water, compressed air, vacuum, inert gas, and chemical transfer applications. The pipe is made from 316L stainless for maximum chemical compatibility.
Transair Stainless Steel Pipe Connectors are quick and easy to install. Available in EPDM and FKM seals for maximum chemical compatibility.
Transair Valves are designed for quick and easy integration into a Transair stainless steel system. Placing valves at strategic points allows for easy system isolation.
Transair Drop Brackets are designed for quick and easy addition of drop lines to an existing stainless steel piping system. These drop brackets are rated for water and chemical transfer.
Transair Wall Brackets are designed for quick connection of machinery to supply lines. These brackets will withstand water and chemical transfer.

Condition Monitoring Sensors and Hardware

Transair's Condition Monitoring technology provides consistent and accurate readings for pressure, temperature, humidity, power and flow. Easy to read and accurate timely readings on the performance of your compressed air piping system allows problems to be identified before they occur. Transair Condition Monitoring puts vital information and analytics in your hand to ensure your compressed air system is running at optimum levels. Transair Condition Monitoring easily monitors your Transair compressed air system, alert you to system changes and provides data that helps reduce downtime and increase productivity. Learn about Transair Condition Monitoring Hardware.

Transair Application Case Studies

View real world examples of Transair applications

Parker stands behind the Transair product line, which is why we prefer to use real world examples to demonstrate our aluminum piping system. The following case studies offer unique accounts into how a Transair piping system increased a company’s productivity and contribute to its bottom line.

Watts Water Technologies – Franklin, NH
Watts Water Technologies needed a new installation in its forging plant, where it produces temperature and pressure valves. Watts initially specified steel for the installation because of the 6-inch header size. The contractor, Granite State Plumbing & Heating of Weare, NH, wanted to give Watts a value-added solution with a rebate back to the end user.

Detroit Manufacturing Systems LLC (DMS) – Detroit, MI
Detroit Manufacturing Systems LLC (DMS) needed a new installation for its startup vehicle component manufacturing facility in Detroit, MI. DMS contracted Larry Brinker Jr., vice president of L.S. Brinker Co. (LSB) of Detroit, MI, to construct a new compressor room, compressed air network, information technology studio and various commercial and industrial components.

Able Engineering & Component Services – Mesa, AZ
ACS had to consider several factors, including accessibility, noise, and ambient conditions, which can impact the precision of a sensor’s reading. Able needed a condition monitoring solution that is easily modified in the event of an expansion, and wouldn’t require additional wiring infrastructure.

Nypro – Clinton, MA
Nypro needed a Compressed Clean Dry Air (CDA) system for a 193,000-square-foot abandoned building that it was retrofitting for modern-day manufacturing. The facility would be used for manufacturing products for the medical industry, so the retrofit and the CDA system needed to be ISO 8-compliant and it had to be up and running within six months.

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Application: Compressed Air

Transair applications include compressed air systems

In the past, compressed air users have been burdened by the limitations of traditional compressed air pipe systems. Difficult installation and modification, poor air quality, and high-pressure losses are all common problems. Transair solves these problems with its innovative design making installation fast, simple, and economical.

Transair offers significant savings on installation, maintenance and operating costs when compared to traditional compressed air piping systems. It is lightweight, strong, and resistant to corrosion, which ensures extended longevity of equipment and can help to avoid frequent changes of filter elements. Its removable and interchangeable components allow users to easily reconfigure production layouts or implement process changes within minutes.

The versatility of Transair's quick connections also eliminates the need to thread, solder or glue pipe. Its "full bore" components and low friction coefficient of aluminum ensure optimal and constant flow throughout your compressed air system, and its unique sealing technology guarantees Transair to be leak-free.

Transair is an environmentally sustainable and responsible product that reduces the carbon footprint by 80% over steel piping installations. The materials used to produce Transair pipe and fittings are 100% recyclable and guaranteed silicone-free. Transair is also ideal for aggressive environments, with a specifically powder-coated outer surface that enhances mechanical, physical, and chemical properties.

By installing Transair, industrial facilities can increase efficiency, reduce pressure drops, and eliminate leaks while improving operational efficiencies and minimizing installation and maintenance costs. Transair can be integrated into existing copper and steel compressed air pipe systems without compromising performance, making it perfect for upgrades or expansion projects.

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Application: Inert Gas

Transair Application - Inert Gas

Transair conveys nitrogen for a number of uses, including:
    • As a blanketing gas to prevent fire and explosions
    • To protect products from degradation by replacing atmospheric oxygen
    • To treat molten metal manufacturing   
    • To avoid oxidation during the heat treatment of metallic products, and during
       welding and laser cutting
    • In garages – filling tires to increase their longevity

Transair piping systems are uniquely designed for optimum performance while using inert gases. The smooth interior with "full bore" design allows the gas to flow free without compromising its properties. Transair is suitable for the distribution of Argon, Nitrogen, CO2 mixtures, Helium and many mixed specialty gases for up to 232 psi in temperatures from -4°F to 140°F.

Regarding the safety aspect of Transair, the polyamide with fiberglass and treated-brass constructed connectors are non-flammable with no propagation of flame. Furthermore, Transair has Qualicoat certification that is a guarantee of the quality of the lacquer finish applied to Transair aluminum pipe, which enhances mechanical, physical and chemical properties.

Application: Vacuum

Transair Application - Vacuum

Vacuum pumps are necessary elements in any workshop, but can be an unwanted source of heat and noise on the shop floor. Installing a centralized vacuum system will improve working conditions in the plant, and because pump maintenance can be performed without stopping workshop machinery, the system will increase overall productivity.

Transair's quick-connect piping system for vacuum systems to 98.7% (29.6" Hg) offers a high-quality vacuum solution that will increase the life expectancy of your equipment and the durability of your products. Our aluminum pipe is naturally resistant to corrosion and the unique quick-connect interlocking components guarantee a leak-free connection, ensuring optimal airflow and reduced maintenance costs for your system.

Transair's modular and reusable system is easy to setup and adjust, safe, durable, and requires just half the time to install compared to PVC piping systems that are traditionally used for centralized vacuum systems. All products are developed to be maintenance-free, and are stocked and available in gray for easy identification among your other piping systems.

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