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Parker Polyflex

The originator and continued innovator of UHP hoses.

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What Customers Are Saying

Customers see the advantages after trying TOUGHJACKET hose...

"I will never go back to the PVC Cover again! Not only is [TOUGHJACKET] lighter and much easier to drag around but I have also noticed a longer service life...with both the 40k and the 55k." - Chris, UHP Manager, Coatings

"Parker ToughJacket assemblies have performed well on our hydrodemolition jobs, proving themselves to be a superior solution with a smaller OD and lighter weight making them easier to move around. The ToughJacket cover outperforms PVC significantly in abrasion protection and increasing service life."  - Robert, Hydrodemolition

"Yes we like the TJ.  It’s lighter, more flexible, and just all and all easier to move around.  We think it’s a winner." - Manager, Hull Cleaning

Find out why more and more customers are turning to High Pressure TOUGHJACKET hoses.

Note: Our customers like sharing their customers experiences, but due to confidentiality, only first names or title and industry are being used to protect their privacy.

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Why Safety Concerns Are Changing the Water Blast Hose Market

Learn about the ongoing safety and performance challenges for the water blast hose market and how Parker's TOUGHJACKET™ hoses create a lighter, safer alternative to traditional solutions. Read out latest white paper, "Why Safety Concerns Are Changing the Water Blast Hose Market." 

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A Compact Abrasion Resistant Alternative to PVC

Built in abrasion resistance (12x more than PVC) eliminates the need for an additional PVC sleeve and lightens the hose by up to 16%.

Reduce friction drag and operator fatigue with Parker’s ultra high pressure TOUGHJACKET water blast hose. Designed as a compact, lightweight alternative to traditional water blast hoses, this lightweight, PVC-free hose features a compact O.D. that’s up to 25% smaller than PVC-covered hoses, creating an ergonomic advantage for operators.

high pressure waterblast hose

Ultra High Pressure TOUGHJACKET Hose Working Pressure Table

Performance Values of the TOUGHJACKET Ultra High Performance Hose

Built-in Abrasion Resistance: Proprietary abrasion resistant cover features 12x more abrasion than PVC, eliminating the obstructive PVC cover 
Light Weight: Up to 16% lighter than comparable hoses
ColorGard™ Technology: Provides early warning of hose wear abrasion issues
Compact O.D.: Reduces friction drag and operator fatigue

Parflex TOUGHJACKET High Pressure Hose Comparison Chart Parflex versus Competitors - Full Weight ISO 6945