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Unsurpassed Abrasion Resistance

Secure long lengths under pressure and super tough abrasion resistance in single-, twin-, and multi-line hydraulic solutions with the TOUGHJACKET series of heavy-duty, polyurethane-covered hydraulic hose.

Compact, Superior Abrasion Resistance

650x the abrasion resistance and durability of rubber hose per ISO 6945 testing.

TOUGHJACKET hydraulic hoses are designed to withstand the strains of large-scale, heavy-duty applications. They feature a special Parker-formulated polyurethane jacket to meet industry requirements for mega/super tough abrasion resistance. These compact and light-weight hoses also offer ultra-low length change under pressure and superior UV resistance.

Parflex TOUGHJACKET Hydraulic Hose Working Pressure Specification Table

Performance Values of TOUGHJACKET Hoses

Superior abrasion resistance and extremely low coefficient of friction
Compact Size: 2% - 5% smaller than comparable hoses
Light Weight: 16% - 42% lighter than comparable hoses
Excellent Flexibility: Proprietary design offers very low bend radius
Consistent Long Lengths: Up to 750 feet continuous
Low Length Change Under Pressure: 1% - 4% (563TJ +/- 1%)
Fast Response: Increased throughput and safety

Most TOUGHJACKET  fluid transfer hoses have operating temperatures ranging from -40°F (-40°C) to +250°F (121°C) except 594TJ, which operates up to +212°F (100°C).

• Petroleum base hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils within a temperature range -40°F (-40°C) to +250°F (121°C)
• Synthetic, synthetic blend, water, and water/oil emulsion hydraulic fluids limited to +185°F (+85°C)
• Water/glycol hydraulic fluids limited to +135°F (+57°C)

Constant Pressure: 563TJ Series

100R17 Hose is unmatched in long continuous lengths and offers the lowest length changed under pressure (+/-1%) in the industry.

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Designed for heavy-duty applications, the Parflex 563TJ TOUGHJACKET hose is a compact, light-weight 3,000 psi constant pressure hose rated from -40°F to +250°F. Ideal for boom or cable track applications where long lengths are required. This 100R17 hose delivers ultra-low length change under pressure and optimal performance for aerial lift, forklift, scissor lift and telehandler applications.Parflex TOUGHJACKET 563TJ Constant Pressure Hose Series

Constant Pressure: 594TJ Series

Get four-spiral wire hose performance in a high-tensile one- or two-wire braided 100R19 hose.

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Simplify installation and improve hydraulic performance with Parker 594TJ 100R19 hydraulic hoses. Covered with a polyurethane jacket, Parker’s 594TJ hydraulic hose features high-tensile one- or two-wire braided construction that delivers the performance of four-spiral wire hose. When bonded, this 4,000 psi constant working pressure hose delivers smooth operation and improved strength and stability. The Parker 594TJ is ideal for construction applications, especially telescoping boom applications requiring a durable and lightweight bonded assembly solution.

Parflex TOUGHJACKET 594TJ Hydraulic Hose Series

Variable Pressure: 560TJ Series

Parker's 560TJ TOUGHJACKET Hose is a 100R1AT compliant hose offering 650x the abrasion resistance of standard rubber hoses and is the optimal solution for large-scale, heavy duty applications, including construction equipment, material handling equipment and more.

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Up to 42% lighter weight than rubber 100R1AT hose, the compact size and light weight of Parker’s 560TJ TOUGHJACKET hose allows for easier routing, which reduces installation and change out times. This is particularly beneficial for skid steer applications where installations are limited in space. TOUGHJACKET hoses also feature a polyurethane hose cover for maximum abrasion resistance.
Parflex TOUGHJACKET 560TJ Lightweight Hose Series

Variable Pressure: 590TJ Series

Four-wire strength in a two-wire construction delivers a tighter bend radius than traditional rubber hydraulic hoses.

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A compact, lightweight hydraulic hose with ultra-low length change under pressure, the Parflex 590TJ TOUGHJACKET hose handles temperatures from -40°F to +250°F and working pressures from 2,000 - 5,000 psi. Featuring a special polyurethane cover for maximum abrasion resistance, the 590TJ is an ideal solution for boom or cable track applications where long lengths are required.
 Parflex TOUGHJACKET 590TJ Hydraulic Hose Series