TOUGHJACKET Abrasion Resistant Hydraulic Hose, Polyurethane Hoses
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Flexible, thermoplastic hydraulic hoses

Compact and flexible TOUGHJACKET thermoplastic hydraulic hoses from Parker Hannifin feature specially formulated polyurethane jackets for maximum abrasion resistance and dependable performance in large-scale, heavy-duty applications.


Parflex TOUGHJACKET hose displaying its great bend radiusUp to 40% lighter than competitive pressure hoses, TOUGHJACKET™ flexible, compact thermoplastic hoses delivers 650x the abrasion resistance of standard rubber hose.

TOUGHJACKET hydraulic hoses are designed to withstand the strains of large-scale, heavy-duty applications. These hoses feature a special Parker-formulated polyurethane jacket to meet industry requirements for highest resistance and exceed the abrasion resistance and durability of rubber hose by 650 times. In addition, they are compact, light-weight, UV resistant hoses with an extremely low coefficient of friction.

Currently, the TOUGHJACKET series includes four hoses for fluid transfer applications and one for ultra-high-pressure waterblast. Parker is a leading ultra-high-pressure hose manufacturer for UHP water blasting. Depending on the fluid, the operating temperatures range from -40°F (-40°C) to +250°F (121°C). 


="Parker Parflex versus Competitors Abrasion Chart- Full Weight ISO 6945


Superior Abrasion Resistance and extremely low coefficient of friction
Compact Size: 2% - 5% smaller than comparable hoses
Light Weight: 16% - 42% lighter than comparable hoses
Excellent Flexibility: Proprietary hose design offers very low bend radius
Consistent Long Lengths: Up to 750 feet continuous
Low Length Change Under Pressure: 1% - 4% (563TJ +/- 1%)
Fast response: Increased throughput and safety

Ultra High Pressure TOUGHJACKET Hose

Our Ultra High Pressure TOUGHJACKET Hose offers all the benefits of our standard hoses with additional performance benefits including:

Built-in Abrasion Resistance:
  Proprietary abrasion resistant cover eliminates the obstructive PVC cover
Light Weight: Up to 16% lighter than comparable hoses
ColorGard™ Technology: Provides early warning of hose wear abrasion issues
Compact O.D.: Reduces friction drag and operator fatigue


Constant and variable pressure TOUGHJACKET thermoplastic hydraulic hoses operate at 2,000-5,000 psi, while ultra- high- pressure UHP TOUGHJACKET hoses operate at 20,000-58,000 psi ideal for waterjetting / water blasting applications.

Parker 563TJ 3000 psi TOUGHJACKET hose features the best low length change under pressure (+/- 1%) and is an SAE 100R17 compliant hose.
Parflex 563TJ 3000psi TOUGHJACKET hydraulic hose
SAE 100R19 compliant 4000 psi hydraulic hose with four wire strength, two wire construction.
Parflex 594TJ 4000psi TOUGHJACKET hydraulic hose
SAE 100R1AT compliant hose, maximum abrasion resistance, light, and compact with longer lengths.
Parflex TOUGHJACKET 560TJ light weight hose
Four-wire strength in a two-wire construction delivers a tighter bend radius than traditional rubber hydraulic hoses
Parflex TOUGHJACKET 590TJ hydraulic hose
Designed as a compact, lightweight alternative to traditional water blasting hoses, this lightweight, PVC-free hose creates an ergonomic advantage for operators by reducing friction drag and allowing operators to work with less fatigue.
Parflex TOUGHJACKET ultra high pressure hose