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Minimize length change - Reduce hose failure

The 563TJ TOUGHJACKET hydraulic hose, with 650x the abrasion resistance of rubber hose, offers the best change in length characteristics at +/-1% making it an ideal solution for boom or cable track applications.

Hydraulic Hoses for Lifts, Loaders and Cranes

Reduce maintenance down time with TOUGHJACKET HosesMachine builders trust abrasion-resistant TOUGHJACKET™ thermoplastic hydraulic hoses to deliver ultra-low length change under pressure for over-the-sheave and boom applications like lifts, loaders, and cranes. The 563TJ hydraulic hose series offers the best change in length characteristics at +/-1%. This makes it an ideal solution for boom or cable track applications where long lengths are required, because abrasion and length change are the biggest contributors to hose failure.

Most hydraulic hoses shrink at least 2% in a constrained environment, which can be disastrous for the hose and cable tracks. SAE accepts a change in length of between +2% to -4%. This means a boom run with 100 feet of hose must accommodate an extra 4 feet of hose to account for shrinkage under pressure and prevent damage to the hose, fitting, or cable track.

Whether your hose application requires a single-line, twin-line, or multi-line configuration, the amazing TOUGHJACKET cover reduces maintenance downtime and delivers hours of uninterrupted performance.


Find TOUGHJACKET 100R17 hoses used in aerial lifts and scissor lift applicationsAerial Lift
Scissor Lifts

Answering the need for high-performing nonconductive 100R17 hose that machine builders can depend on, Parker Parflex has been a major player in this market for decades.
Find TOUGHJACKET 100R19 hoses used in articulating boom lifts and knuckle boom lift applicationsArticulating Boom Lift
Knuckle Boom Lift

Light weight (up to 42% lighter weight than rubber 100R1AT hose) combined with long length capability, low length change under pressure, durability and flexibility are benefits for these booms.
Find TOUGHJACKET hoses used in reach stackers, rough terrain forklifts and telehandler applicationsReach Stacker / Rough Terrain Forklifts / Telehandlers

The long lengths of TOUGHJACKET hydraulic hose combined with the Parker bonding process can reduce the cost and weight of booms by eliminating cable tracks.
Delimbers and wheel log loader forestry applications using TOUGHJACKET hosesDelimbers
Wheel Log Loader

The three most important features for a hose in this market are abrasion resistance, abrasion resistance, and abrasion resistance. TOUGHJACKET is 650x better than rubber hose.
Aerial bucket lift truck application using TOUGHJACKET hosesBucket Lift Trucks

TOUGHJACKET 100R19 hydraulic hoses deliver superior flexibility in cold weather environments as well as excellent ozone and UV resistance.
Skid steer application using TOUGHJACKET hosesSkid Steer

TOUGHJACKET’s compact size allows for easier routing which reduces installation and change out times. This is particularly beneficial for skid steer applications where installations are limited in space.
Truck crane lift construction application using TOUGHJACKET 100R19 hoseTruck Crane

Light weight combined with long length capability, low length change under pressure, durability and flexibility are features of Parflex TOUGHJACKET 100R19 hose for crane lift applications.

Which Hose is Right for Your Application?

View our product snapshot of the available TOUGHJACKET constant and variable pressure thermoplastic hoses

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