Transportation - Parker Thermal Management Connectors
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Parker’s thermal management research helps optimize the thermal performance of transportation, electric vehicles, trucks, bus and coaches, rails, marine, and off-road machinery. The transportation industry faces many challenges including, inefficient cabin climate control can dramatically increase fuel consumption and emissions and can pose a safety hazard due to ineffective windshield defrosting and defogging. We work with vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, and fleet partners to research energy-efficient solutions to climate control and thermal system challenges.


Reliable cooling is a decisive factor for production, particularly in the marine industry. It is responsible for ensuring adequate temperatures in the turbine, the electronics racks and on the tool, or the machine, itself. The entire production and product life cycle of elements and machines are dependent on the efficiency of the cooling process and how it ensures ideal operating temperatures.



An important aspect of reducing the stress state on the rail deals with controlling the longitudinal forces to safe levels. This is important not only to reduce the number of buckled track incidents but also to reduce the number of rail defect failures. Hence the management of thermal management becomes an important maintenance function of both heavy haul freight and high-speed passenger operations.  


Parker's thermal and power management technology offers comprehensive solutions for the complex challenges of heat management in today's off-road vehicles. Thermal management continues to increase and optimize thermal energy management must continue as an integral part of any vehicle development. 

Bus & Coach

Thermal management systems in most bus and coaches must be reliable to stand up to vibration, climate extremes, and physical wear and tear. heat pipes provide reliable, durable performance, electrical isolation, and conditioning and electronic control system protection for buses around the globe, in all types of climate and weather. Parker also offers automotive system heat management solutions.


Parker thermal management system performs essential automotive functions, such as reducing thermal load, waste heat recovery, and heat transfer, among others. The global automotive standards have made thermal management systems a mandatory component.

Electric Vehicles

The more than 232 million light-duty vehicles in the United States account for more than 59% percent of all transportation-related energy use. Parker’s thermal management technologies reduce the amount of energy needed for climate control in both conventional and electric-drive vehicles.


Trucks move about 72% of the 18.3 billion tons of freight transported across the United States each year. Idling these vehicles to heat and cool cab/sleeper spaces improves driver comfort and safety, but consumes large quantities of fuel and produces polluting emissions. Parker's heavy-duty vehicle thermal management research helps cut fleet operating costs, fuel consumption, and emissions by reducing the amount of energy required to control cab temperatures.