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Power Generation

Driven by the energy transition and renewables, the Power Generation market is segmented in 3 main applications requiring Thermal Management: Lithium-Ion Batteries, Power Conversion Systems and Frequency Drives. Power Generation systems are high added-value products, most of the value coming from electronic components. Those turnkey systems typically consist of integrated them into cabinet or container including a closed water circuit managed by a cooling unit that will be connected to the external chiller.


There is no doubt that the operating environment has a major effect on the life and reliability of electronic assemblies.  Power conversions in particular are susceptible to life and reliability degradation, as there are usually several components within the system whose losses all conspire to raise the operating temperature.   


In harsh environments where the Drives will be exposed to excessive humidity, salt fog, dirt, dust, or other airborne corrosive agents, the sealed enclosure cabinet is the solution. The sealed cabinet provides protection against all of the above, and cooling is accomplished by transferring the internal air's heat to the external air via a heat exchanger. Parker solutions are here to assist. 

Lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are found to be suitable for electric vehicles, and temperature control on lithium batteries is vital for long-term performance and durability. Unfortunately, battery thermal management (BTM)has not been paid close attention partly due to poor understanding of battery thermal behavior.


Innovation happens off the beaten path in order to best match your application challenges to Parker products, the icons on the following pages should guide your way in choosing reliable, high quality materials, and manufacturing worldwide. Parker has the right solution for every market: Parker develops the desired solution for our customers. See the signs of time and find the products matching your demands.