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This is Parker Thermal Management

It is easy to imagine the consequences when sensitive circuitry and modules become overheated, systems shut down, creating the risk of production losses and the premature aging of components. Learn how Parker can help you today.

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Overview of Fluid Connectors Thermal Management

Parker has broad expertise in thermal management solutions in all of the markets and industries listed below. No matter what market you are in, Parker has someone that can speak the language of your industry and help you find a solution that works for your unique set of requirements. Fluid Connectors Group solutions include fluid connectors, quick couplings, hose products and more. And no matter your application, our experts are ready to help you solve your toughest thermal management challenges, with comprehensive support and time-tested knowledge.

To help you address thermal issues and keep your applications keep cool, Parker Hannifin’s Fluid Connectors Groups created a full portfolio of thermal management products with proven products to absorb and redirect heat away from critical parts.


Methods for achieving cooling in Electronics are changing along with the industry as the demand for efficiency and sustainability continues to increase. Managing heat in electronics has increasingly become one of the biggest challenges in optimizing performance. Thanks to our decades of experience in Electronics and Semiconductor industry expertise, our portfolio offers the right products for tasks of any size or complexity. High-end applications are thus just as simple to implement as simple, straightforward production processes where speed and cost-effectiveness are vital.


Parker’s thermal management research helps optimize the thermal performance of transportation, electric vehicles, trucks, bus and coaches, rails, marine, and off-road machinery. The transportation industry faces many challenges including, inefficient cabin climate control can dramatically increase fuel consumption and emissions and can pose a safety hazard due to ineffective windshield defrosting and defogging. We work with vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, and fleet partners to research energy-efficient solutions to climate control and thermal system challenges.

Power Generation

Driven by the energy transition and renewables, the Power Generation market is segmented in 3 main applications requiring Thermal Management: Lithium-Ion Batteries, Power Conversion Systems and Frequency Drives. Power Generation systems are high added-value products, most of the value coming from electronic components. Those turnkey systems typically consist in integrated them into cabinet or container including a closed water circuit managed by a cooling unit that will be connected to the external chiller.


Parker industrial thermal management offerings include heating, cooling, temperature, and humidity control of equipment and systems in almost all areas of the industry. Whether standard or custom-designed solutions. You can rely on our expertise and professional support - right through from the first inquiry via planning, engineering, and validation to the finished product - all from one source. With our specialist knowledge acquired through more than 60 years of experience, we stand for top-quality products.


To help you address thermal issues and keep your applications keep cool, Parker Hannifin’s Fluid Connectors Groups created a full portfolio of thermal management products with proven products to absorb and redirect heat away from critical parts.
Thermal Management Connectors Overview
Looking to ensure that your most critical electronic components are protected? Think Parker. Our complete solutions for temperature control apply to diagnostic devices and laboratory instruments. Capabilities range from the protection
Parker’s product managers and engineers are experts in thermal management. They publish blogs to illustrate our commitment to the industry and our solutions.
Blog your data center
Discover with this video the Parker LPCE quick connection solutions for liquid cooling circuit required in electrical devices. This video shows how rigid piping, quick coupling and push-in fittings can meet the requirements of thermal management in the power generation applications.
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Learn About Custom Solutions | Customers’ requirements are always different. So why work your designs around parts somebody else designed, just because that’s what’s readily available? Parker's Fluid Connectors Tube Fittings Division can transform your unique concept into a finished part.

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Parker works closely with industry experts to design and manufacture hoses, fittings, quick connect couplings and more fluid connector technologies that meet the unique needs of multiple markets. Our customers appreciate the intrinsic value of our products and our employees’ professional expertise. Select any of the industries below to learn more about how our products can benefit your application needs.

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