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Methods for achieving cooling in Electronics are changing along with the industry as the demand for efficiency and sustainability continues to increase. Managing heat in electronics has increasingly become one of the biggest challenges in optimizing performance. Thanks to our decades of experience in Electronics and Semiconductor industry expertise, our portfolio offers the right products for tasks of any size or complexity. High-end applications are thus just as simple to implement as simple, straightforward production processes where speed and cost-effectiveness are vital.

Data Centers

Data centers are the keystone of the big data boom. These technology havens are vital to organizations as they store, communicate and transport the information we generate each and every day. However, most data centers today are outdated infrastructures with inefficient systems, having failed to adapt to emerging technologies. This notion, as a result, limits the capacity to produce meaningful information.

Laser and Optic Equipment

Parker brings a key new technology and expertise in developing stable pressure sensors for harsh environments and the electronics for interfacing with them. Combined with Parker’s experience in developing reliable aircraft systems and equipment, this new technology will make future system designs more competitive, offering a highly integrated, fiber-optic-based system for electronic applications.

Lithography Machine

Lithography Machines inherently exhibit an exceptional capacity for heat dissipation, facilitated by very long and thin fiber cylinders with a large surface area to active volume ratio. In practice, the physical design to eliminate nonlinearities deteriorates thermal management in high–power regimes and hence increases the threshold to thermal lensing features.

Cold Plates

Liquid-cooled cold plates are commonly used for high heat flux or high power electronics cooling applications. Heat from the device(s) is transferred to a single-phase liquid coolant, circulating through internal channels of the plate and subsequently rejected downstream to a radiator. There are several thermal/mechanical advantages of cold plate solutions.

Super Computers

Supercomputers can consume as much as 2 percent of the country’s total energy consumption. Much of that energy is used to run chiller units and fans to cool computing hardware. Without an efficient cooling system, supercomputers in data centers cannot operate properly. That is where Parker is here to help. 

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