Parker SmogHog® Mist Collectors and DustHog® Dust Collectors
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The Leader in Global Filtration Solutions

Parker provides clean air solutions that protect your employees, help you remain compliant, improve plant performance and enable you to realize your operating goals. Clean Air. It's What We Do.®

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Superior Filtration Products and Systems

Parker is a leading global provider of innovative filtration technologies and solutions offering superior industry knowledge, thought leadership and exceptional customer service, with a passion for building high performance products ensuring a safer, cleaner and more sustainable environment.

With decades of experience manufacturing high performance original equipment and aftermarket filters to meet a variety of system types and configurations, we can satisfy whatever requirement is needed including customized solutions. Our ability to design a solution to fit your application begins with engineering expertise; proven by hundreds of global installations supported by local teams with application and industry experience to deliver the industry-leading performance you expect. To learn more, view our Industrial Filtration Solutions Brochure.

As a global company with an expansive network strategically located around the world, we provide superior localized services and support to our customers. Dust, Fume, Mist Collection, even Kitchen Emissions. We have the most comprehensive expertise to engineer solutions, not just products. Clean Air. It's What We Do.®

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Our specialists are here to guide you on all of the solutions we offer to improve performance and enable you to realize your operating goals.

Selecting the Right System

We can help you select the right dust collector system for your application

Need help selecting the right system for your environment? Unsure if you need a dust collector or a mist collector? Let us help you choose the proper equipment type. Contact Parker today and find the right system for your company.

Nanofiber Filtration In Combination With Dusthog®

Nanofiber Filtration In Combination
With Dusthog®  SFC Dust Collectors

  • Maximize System Performance and Efficiency
  • Significant Energy Savings
  • Decrease Operational Costs

Technical Support

Our commitment to quality is reflected in every aspect of our products and services. Measuring our quality against documented expectations, we practice continuous improvement methods to anticipate challenges and implement successful solutions. As a customer-driven solutions provider, we earn credibility and establish successful relationships by exceeding your expectations.

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Parker DustHog® and SmogHog® Dust Collectors

Resource Center

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Want more details about our industrial dust and mist collectors? We've gathered the information you need.

  • Fact Sheets, Case Studies, and White Papers
  • Equipment Manuals
  • Brochures, and more

BHA Filters

BHA Filters

We engineer BHA products that provide higher efficiencies with cleaner air, longer filter life, and greater energy savings.

  • Dust Cartridges and PulsePleats
  • Filter Bags and Cages
  • Baghouse Parts and Accessories

Kitchen Emission Systems

SmogHog PSG air cleaning systems from Parker

Eliminate smoke and odors caused by kitchen emissions with SmogHog PSG air cleaning systems. SmogHog, a well-known name in the commercial kitchen exhaust industry, uses electrostatic precipitator (ESP) technology for cleaner air.

Additional Products

Learn more about Parker's Commercial Air Cleaners

Our commercial air cleaning equipment can help improve indoor air quality and eliminate unhealthy and unproductive environments. Learn how our air cleaners reduce airborne pollutants like tobacco smoke, food odors, dust, bacteria, and pollen.