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Filtration Technology Expertise

Parker can help you find the trouble areas of your ventilation system and provide the integrated technology and services you need to enhance performance and efficiency.

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Indoor air quality is worse than most of us realize. Indoor concentrations of pollutants range from 2 to 100 times greater than outdoor concentrations causing unhealthy and unproductive environments. Experts call it "sick building syndrome" (SBS) which causes headaches, sinus congestion, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, eye irritation, coughs and sore throats. SBS can occur in any building. Our commercial air cleaning equipment can help provide a clean environment. Learn more about our commercial air cleaners that reduce airborne pollutants like tobacco smoke, food odors, dust, bacteria, and pollen.

Smokeeter® Smoke Eater Systems

Smokeeter commercial indoor air cleaner from ParkerThe one and only original Smokeeter, pronounced "Smoke Eater," is the first and best commercial indoor air cleaner of its kind. Most commonly used in bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, office buildings and other public facilities, the Smokeeter uses Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) technology to remove contaminants like dust, pollen, bacteria, fungi, smoke, and viruses far better than competitors. These units can be installed on the ceiling or mounted on the wall, as well as concealed above the ceiling.


  1. Hazardous particles are drawn into the Smokeeter unit.
  2. The Ionizer electrostatically charges the particles.
  3. The Collection Cell captures charged particles.
  4. The Pre-Filter captures larger airborne particles as they enter the unit.
  5. The activated carbon After-Filter helps control odors.
  6. The clean, fresh air is then re-circulated back into the room.


  • Ionizer*: Electrostatically charges particles.
  • Collection Cell*: Captures charged contaminants to rid them from your business’ environment.
  • Pre-filter: Optional layered aluminum mesh screens capture large airborne particles as they enter the unit.
  • After-filter: Optional activated carbon after-filter helps control odors.
  • Indicator Light: Illuminates when unit is working properly and automatically shuts off when components need routine servicing.
  • Multi-Speed Control Switch: Provides variable blower speed adjustments to control noise levels during peak and off-peak business hours.

*Some Smokeeters use a unicell, which is an ionizer and collection cell assembled in one unit.

Contact us today to learn how Smokeeter and other dust control services can benefit your business.

Learn more about Parker Smokeeter Smoke Eater Systems

The SE 24 is a compact air cleaning system that fits into a 2' x 4' suspended ceiling tile. This unit blends into the ceiling and offers easy access for routine service and maintenance. The SE 24 includes a carbon after-filter and a speed control switch to adjust desired airflow.
The SE 40 and SE 50 clean the air individually or in conjunction with other Smokeeters by creating efficient airflow patterns. Both models offer multiple speed settings and a carbon after-filter for odor control. The SE 40 and SE 50 are ideal for facilities that don't have space above the ceiling.
FS and LS models are ideal in locations where aesthetics are important because they install above the ceiling, virtually out of sight, with only the supply and return grilles showing. These models operate more quietly than other large-capacity air cleaners and can be easily ducted to multiple rooms.

Crystal-Aire® Commercial Air Cleaners

Crystal-Aire® Commercial Air Cleaners from Parker HannifinCrystal-Aire concealed air cleaners remove heavy concentrations of tobacco smoke, dust, and other hazardous irritants such as bacteria and viruses from the air. Flexible in design, this indoor air quality (IAQ) cleaner can be adapted to most building configurations and can serve more than one room at a time with multiple filtration options.


  • Motor/Blower Module:
    All Crystal-Aire systems require the Motor/Blower module. This quiet motor/blower draws air into an inlet grille, pushes it through an aluminized flexible duct and other filtration modules, and then sends it out of the outlet or supply grille(s).
  • Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) Module:
    The ESP module is the most common section used with the motor/blower. It consists of a pre-filter, ionizer, collection cell, optional after-filter, and power pack. Inside the ESP section, tobacco smoke, dust pollen, and other sub-micron particles are captured like a magnet.
  • Bag Filter Module:
    Instead of an ESP cleaner, some building codes specify the use of a "bag" or "box" filter. The Crystal-Aire Bag Filter module holds a disposable pre-filter and a pocketed "bag" filter. As contaminated air passes through filter fibers, airborne particles are trapped on media fibers and eventually on other build-up contaminants; the result being an effective air cleaning mechanism.
  • Box Filter Module:
    Another alternative to the ESP cleaning system is a "box" filter. The Box Filter module operates similarly to the Bag Filter described above and has comparable efficiencies. In this module, a HEPA or ASHRAE "box" filter is used in applications where extremely high efficiency or special duty is required. It consists of a disposable pre-filter, folder media filter mat mounted within a particleboard frame, and pressure switch to monitor filter loading.
  • Odor Control Module:
    The Odor Control module, which typically follows the ESP, Bag, or Box Filter section, is used to combat strong, pervasive odors. This module is made up of six trays, which hold 18 lbs. of carbon or potassium permanganate, and a disposable after-filter to capture any carbon dust that might be entrained into the air stream.
  • Fresh Air Inlet:
    The Fresh Air Inlet is a transition piece, or plenum, that delivers air from the outdoors, or another location in a building, to the filtration area.

Contact us to discover the benefits of Crystal-Aire Commercial Air Cleaners.

Learn more about Crystal-Aire Commercial Air Cleaners from Parker

Kleentek® Electrostatic Oil Cleaners

Kleentek Electrostatic Oil CleanersCondition hydraulic fluids and reverse the effects of varnish degradation with Kleentek electrostatic oil cleaners (EOC). More powerful than mechanical filters, Kleentek oil filtration systems remove sub-micron particles to remove varnish and prevent the build-up of insolubles that form into a brown, sticky sludge on machine components.

The result of using our oil purification systems is:

  • Extended lubricating oil life
  • Minimized "stick-and-slip" of bearings and gears
  • Less wear on servos and O-rings
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Less equipment maintenance
  • Significantly reduced overall costs


Kleentek electrostatic oil conditioners do not charge particles or the oil, but instead use a vertically positioned electrode to produce a high potential electrostatic field between itself and a ground surface within the system's pleated cellulose collector element. As oil passes upward through this patented electrostatic filter element and parallel to the electrode and ground surfaces, suspended contaminants as small as sub-micron are forced by the voltage field against the collector media and removed from the oil.

As fluid flows freely through the oil purification system, Kleentek removes contaminants, submicron particles, dust, dirt and products of oil oxidation, including tars and varnishes. These contaminants are trapped in the collector for easy disposal.

Kleentek hydraulic oil filters are excellent for facilitating varnish removal in applications for:

  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Injection Molding
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Steel Processing
  • Other industries including amusement parks, marine, powder molding and refining/chemical applications

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