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Industrial Products

Continuously monitor or control a system's pressure, temperature, or fluid level with SensoControl Industrial sensors and controllers. These industrially hardened sensors are ideal for permanent installation in industrial and mobile hydraulic applications where continuous system monitoring is needed. Our industrial sensors are built tough to deliver a high degree of dependability and performance with superb stability and resistance to interference.

Controllers feature innovative and configurable switch functions that allow for the creation of specific switching conditions or windows. Their display provides on-the-spot measurement reading and active switch condition.

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    Pressure Sensors

    These industrial pressure sensors offer long-term stability, resistance to interference, and rugged construction.

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    SCT Series Temperature Sensors

    These industrial sensors measure system media temperature and are ideal for applications with a working pressure of up to 6000 PSI (415 bar).

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    Industrial Controllers

    Our industrial controllers combine all of the functions of mechanical sensors, switches, and displays into a single intelligent instrument.

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    Industrial Accessories

    Parker’s SensoControl accessories are designed to add flexibility and enhance the performance of our Industrial Sensors and Controllers.

Industrial Catalog

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Quick Reference Guide

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