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Diagnostic Products

In today’s Lean manufacturing environment, priority is placed on being able to do more with less. Even a momentary spike in pressure or flow surge could have disastrous effects on your equipment, and you can’t afford to have equipment sitting idle.

As hydraulic and pneumatic systems continue to become more sophisticated, being able to identify critical information for optimizing machine efficiencies is a necessity. SensoControl Diagnostic solutions help you diagnose and address system changes before they become problems.

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    Parker’s ServiceJunior captures momentary pressure spikes that are ‘invisible’ to normal liquid-filled gauges.

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    ServiceJunior CONNECT

    Parker’s ServiceJunior™ is now wireless. Introducing the ServiceJunior CONNECT

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    Serviceman Plus

    Parker’s Serviceman Plus is an easy-to-use measuring device with a scan rate of 1ms and the ability to read pressure, flow, temperature, and RPM.

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    Service Master Easy

    Parker’s Service Master Easy pairs fast measuring and analysis with a more efficient and user-friendly interface in one multi-channel instrument.

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    Service Master Plus

    Parker’s Service Master Plus combines innovative technology with increased overall capabilities to bring you a premier diagnostic instrument.

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    SensoNODE Blue

    Our system provides consistent and accurate readings for pressure, humidity, and temperature for key decision support to optimize asset and system performance.

Diagnostic Catalog

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