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Diamond Seals

Diamond Seals, named after their geometry, offer many advantages over an O-ring. One of those advantages is lower compressive force. The unique geometry of the seal's tall, thin profile offers the same sealing function of the O-ring, but without the high load on mating substrates. They still use the cost-effective, straight-walled groove geometry, like an O-ring and have a similar amount of designed squeeze to an O-ring. But, because the Diamond Seal has less material, the force needed to compress the seal into the groove is greatly reduced. Compared to a traditional O-ring groove which is more wide than tall, the Diamond Seal groove is deep and narrow. Diamond Seals function at lower hardware loads than O-rings for reduced creep. 

For a full description of all the advantages offered by a Diamond Seal, link to Engineered Solutions Issue 10

The diamond seal groove is 60% narrower than traditional grooves for comparable seal heights. 

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