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Seal Solutions Guide

Sealing Solutions Guide

Welcome to the Parker Seal Solutions eGuide. We're here to make sure you find the best sealing solutions for your application pain whether it be gland limitations, installation improvements, or custom retaining gaskets. Our material and design expertise is at your fingertips. Still not sure what seal you need? Chat with one of our application engineers today!

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    Improving Installation - Axial

    Axial seals, also called Face Seals, are a very robust and common design for an O-ring or other type of seal.

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    Improving Installation - Radial

    Radial seals, also called piston seals, are a very robust and common design for an O-ring or other type of seal.

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    Low Closure Force

    The force needed to compress an O-ring can be significant. Especially a large or thick O-ring. This is generally not an issue for strong hardware materials, however it can be problematic.

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    Overcoming Gland Limitations

    A variety of seal options are designed to offset hardware limitations.

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    High Pressures

    The failure mode most frequently associated with high fluid pressure is extrusion. Material properties which greatly contribute to resisting extrusion are hardness and modulus of elasticity..

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    Dynamic Sealing

    Dynamic sealing is considerably more involved than static sealing. Not only does a seal have to prevent the flow of some medium, like in static sealing, but it also has to be able to perform that task while in motion and with frictional forces to consider.

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