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Seal-Lok ORFS Fitting CAD Models

Download the ORFS CAD Models needed for the job from Parker's comprehensive CAD library.

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ORFS fittings improve reliability over metal-to-metal fitting styles, but only Parker has spent decades developing exclusive enhancements to our Seal-Lok™ ORFS fittings that eliminate potential issues and extend the fitting’s capabilities. Find out the differences.
Seal-Lok ORFS Fittings for All Applications
The face of the ORFS tube end has a soft seal in the captive o-ring groove (CORG). When the fitting is assembled properly this seal is compressed in the CORG to form a leak tight seal. This makes proper assembly key to ensuring leak-free O-ring face seal connections in your system.
Seal-Lok ORFS Assembly
Seal-Lok for CNG ORFS fittings passed the critical Bonfire Testing required for NGV refuse trucks, ensuring the safety and reliability of these proven leak-free fittings in the harshest conditions.
Seal-Lok for CNG passes Bonfire Test
Knowing the correct thread is critical for selecting the right replacement parts for maintenance and repair. Quickly and properly identifying threads can help maintain safe, productive and profitable operations.
Four steps to thread ID
Parker’s Seal-Lok Xtreme™ Flat Face Seal tube fitting line was developed to accommodate the performance demands of both cryogenic applications, as well as high-temperature applications.
Seal-Lok Xtreme Metal Face Seal Fitting
In response to the push toward environmental sustainability, we recently expanded our well-known line of Seal-Lok™ O-ring Face Seal (ORFS) tube fittings for compressed natural gas (CNG) applications.
Seal-Lok for CNG ORFS Fittings for Alt Fuel

Parker FittingFinder App

Easily identify the part numbers of the Seal-Lok ORFS fittings and adapters that you need with our FittingFinder app. Dimensional information, CAD models, distributor locator, and a competitive interchange tool are all also included.

TFD ToolSpec Tube Fab App

Find the tube fabrication equipment and tooling part numbers that you need for the job with our TFD ToolSpec web app. For short-term and prototype projects, Tube fabrication equipment rentals are also available, and information is included on this site.

TFD TechConnect

Technical articles focused on hydraulic fitting topics, industry trends, and helpful hints from Parker engineers. Articles include topics such as thread identification, sizing tube for hydraulic system efficiency, tips for routing and clamping tube lines, recommendations on reassembling fittings, and many other helpful topics. Written by engineers for engineers, TFD techConnect is the go-to resource for engineers.

ORFS Fitting CAD Models

Need a CAD model of Seal-Lok O-ring Face Seal (ORFS) fittings or adapters for a system design or prototype drawing? Customers can easily search Parker's comprehensive library of CAD models available for download. These CAD models are available in a large variety of CAD formats. such as IGS, IPT, SAT, STP, and DWF to meet everyone's design needs.

Rapid Service Unit (RSU)

When time is of the essence and jobs depend on strict deadlines, Parker's RSU can deliver. Whether the part urgently needed is standard, an uncommon jump size, or a one-of-a-kind, RSU designs, produces and delivers high-quality hydraulic and pneumatic fittings and adapters to meet tight deadlines. Custom prototypes, pressure testing and tamper-resistant labeling are also available.

Downtime is further minimized with:

• Quick-response quotes
• Parts in hand in 24, 48, or 72 hours depending on customer needs
• No minimum orders

Custom Manufacturing

Parker knows that customers' requirements are always different. Custom manufacturing can transform a unique concept into a finished part, manufacturing to the customer's specifications, drawings, or world standard -- whether the need is for thousands or just one part. Offering different materials, plating, and seals based on the customer's application need is standard procedure for Parker.

Custom manufacturing offers:

• Design and manufacture of custom fittings
• Meets international standards in an ISO 9001 facility
• Ability to develop prototype products, and perform emergency repair and short run

Where to Buy

Need a hydraulic tube fitting or adapter, or tube fabrication equipment and tooling? Parker’s worldwide distribution network makes it convenient to get the parts you need, either over the phone or at one of our Parker Stores. Locate the distributor nearest to you.

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