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Improving connection reliability

From precision-engineered tube fittings and adapters to time-saving tube fabrication equipment to complete piping systems, Parker delivers reliable solutions to a diverse range of industries and applications.

Seal-Lok ORFS Fittings Applications

From construction and agriculture to CNG and power generation, Parker's precision-engineered Seal-Lok ORFS tube fittings and adapters deliver reliable solutions to a diverse range of industries and applications.

All applications come with different needs and challenges, from high pressures and vibration to corrosive environments. Seal-Lok ORFS fittings and adapters are engineered and manufactured with innovative enhancements that create the most reliable leak-free connections on the market.

With innovative seals that prevent O-ring fallout and pinch and can withstand extreme temperatures to plating that protects against corrosion longer than any competitive fitting in the industry, Parker is providing unmatched value and performance for our customer's demanding applications even in the harshest environments.



The agriculture industry is made up of some of the toughest, hardest-working people and equipment around. That’s why Parker provides a full range of tube fitting and adapter solutions to match this market’s strength and durability. Seal-Lok ORFS fittings and adapters are engineered to fight against weathering and chemical corrosion, as well as perform in high-vibration applications. All while ensuring reliable, leak-free connections. Parker parts help improve uptime and decrease maintenance costs in agricultural equipment, including combines, harvesters, attachments, sprayers, seeders and bailers.



Construction equipment endures harsh environments and high vibration and pressure spikes. Heavy equipment and construction vehicles such as excavators, bulldozers, backhoes, trenchers, and wheel loaders rely on hydraulic fluids to be transferred efficiently and effectively. Parker's Seal-Lok ORFS fittings and adapters are specially designed with enhancements that ensure leak-free connections even in the applications with pressure overloads, high vibration and corrosive environments.

Material Handling

Material Handling
In a wide-range of manufacturing applications, the ability to safely and reliably store and transfer materials is critical. Parker addresses this need with a full line of high-pressure, leak-free fluid connection products that help ensure the successful and compliant movement, storage, protection and control of materials throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal. Seal-Lok ORFS fittings do the job in high pressure, high vibration applications, while also fighting corrosion longer with ToughShield plating.

Land Based Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is a delicate balance of adhering to strict safety regulations while continually expanding exploration. A global leader in innovation and quality, Parker helps ensure continuous operation, reliable fluid connections and rigid compliance. Parker fittings and adapters fight against corrosion, pressure spikes and other concerns associated with the oil and gas market, optimizing blenders, drill rigs, frac trucks, cementers, flushers, and other applications.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

A leader in the design and manufacture of products that utilize compressed natural gas (CNG), Parker tailors products to the fuel’s unique attributes and the industry’s stringent standards. Specially engineered parts like Seal-Lok™ for CNG improve ozone resistance and support the wide temperature ranges and high pressures found in natural gas applications. Parker also helps reduce assembly errors, eliminate welding concerns and fight corrosion which improves customer's uptime and decreases maintenance costs in CNG applications, including on-vehicle fuel systems, and infrastructure applications such as compressors, dryers, fuel dispensers and storage tanks.

Power Generation

Downtime is a critical cost issue in the power generation field. Whether it’s due to leaking connections, installation errors or damage from extreme temperatures, any halt in operation can have a substantial negative impact on profit. Parker assists by ensuring reliable leak-free connections and simplified assembly with custom products engineered for turbines, auxiliary skids and other extreme temperature power generation applications. The innovative Seal-Lok Xtreme fittings use a metal seal in the leak-free ORFS design create a superior leak-free connection for extreme temperatures and high vibration.

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