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Engineered to be leak-free and durable

Parker has engineered its Seal-Lok O-ring Face Seal fittings to be the most reliable leak-free and corrosion resistant connection in the industry.

Learn about the Seal-Lok ORFS Fittings Advantages

Reliable, Durable, Leak-Free Connection Solutions

Parker's O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) Fittings and AdaptersParker's Seal-Lok O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) Fittings and Adapters meet or exceed the requirements of both SAE J1453 and ISO 8434-3 and have international acceptance. It is an ideal hydraulic fluid connection solution across many markets due to its key advantages:

  • Zero clearance for easy plumbing
  • Resistance to over torque/eliminated damage from over-tightening
  • Vibration resistance/reduced loosening caused by system vibration (see vibration test data)
  • Flat face for unlimited remakability

Seal-Lok ORFS fittings also come standard with the exclusive Trap-Seal which protects against O-ring fallout and O-ring pinch, both potential issues with the ORFS design. Additionally, Seal-Lok steel fittings come standard with ToughShield plating which keeps fittings corrosion resistant for up to 1,000 -- over 10 times longer than the SAE standard.

The Seal-Lok ORFS Difference

Parker's Seal-Lok ORFS fittings and adapters are designed and engineered with innovative enhancements that ensure the most superior leak-free connections for customer's applications, minimizing downtime and maximizing their bottom lines.

Parker's patented Trap-Seal design prevents o-ring fallout during shipping and assembly, as well as prevents seal pinch during assembly - the two most common ORFS issues.
Parker's Trap-Seal stops O-ring fallout
Parker's exclusive Robust Port Stud on adjustable SAE ports is manufactured with a longer locknut virtually eliminating washer damage and potential leaks, as well as making assembly virtually mistake-proof.
Parker's Robust Port Stud presents leaks
ToughShield plating, standard on all steel fittings, substantially exceeded the SAE corrosion requirements of 96 hours without red rust, lasting up to 1,000 as found by an independent test facility.
ToughShield plating fights corrosion longer
Corrosive environments, such as nitrogen based fertilizers in the Ag market, can quickly corrode system connections. Parker offers XTR coating that stands the test of time in harsh environments.
Maximizing the benefits of the ORFS fitting design, Parker created two new versions. Seal-Lok for CNG provides industry-approved fuel conveyance in natural gas applications. Seal-Lok Xtreme’s patented metal seal achieves leak-free connections in extreme temperatures, perfect for LNG or cryogenic.
Seal-Lok CNG and Xtreme Fittings


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From precision-engineered O-ring face seal tube fittings and adapters to time-saving tube fabrication equipment, Parker delivers reliable solutions to a diverse range of industries and applications.  Parker's engineers are always striving to create new products and innovative enhancements to ensure that the customer's systems last longer. Find out more about how Parker's leak-free connection technology optimizes performance in the markets served.

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