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Complete Selection For All Your Needs

Parker’s Schrader Bellows offers a complete selection of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and accessories to meet your particular design requirements

At Your Service, No Matter Where

Parker Schrader Bellows continues to expand their product lines and accessories to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. Wherever in the world machinery is designed, manufactured or used, Parker Schrader Bellows is there to meet your actuator application requirements - with complete hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder selection, worldwide availability and technical assistance. 

Hydraulic Cylinders

Schrader Bellows heavy duty hydraulic tie rod Series PH cylinders offer highest initial quality, best in class delivery, optimized performance, extended service life, longer intervals between maintenance and improved serviceability.
When mounting space is at a premium and the application demands a high force cylinder that can undergo optimal operating pressures, or for when end-of-stroke, mid-stroke or continuous stroke position sensing is required, the Schrader Bellows compact hydraulic cylinders are the best choice
100,000 psi yield strength chrome-plated, case-hardened piston rod, 125,000 psi yield strength rod-end stud with rolled threads and 100,000 psi yield strength tie rods. With construction like this, it’s no wonder Schrader Bellows PL-2 Series are truly premium quality cylinders.
SHM Series Metric Hydraulic Cylinders, tie rod construction, are rated at 210 Bar. Requirements of ISO 6020/2 (2006), 160 Bar Compact Series are met, and the cylinders are designed to deliver long, efficient service with low maintenance requirements.

Pneumatic Cylinders

When the job calls for reliable, heavy-duty performance, specify PA-2 Series cylinders from Schrader Bellows.A 125,000 psi yield strength rod-end stud with rolled threads and 100,000 psi yield strength tie rods. With construction like this, the PA-2 Series is rated for air service to 250 psi.

Roundline Hydraulic Cylinders

Series RDH industrial grade heavy duty roundline hydraulic cylinders are field repairable and provide extremely long cycle life. Series RDH is 3,000 psi rated and configurable in 9 standard mounts, strokes to suit your needs and many standard options.


Parker Schrader Bellows offers a complete selection of cylinder mounting accessories. Click the link to view our products and learn more.
Cost Saving Features & Benefits: ■ Simplifying Cylinder installation & reducing assembly costs ■ Increase Rod Bearing & Rod Seal life for lower maintenance costs ■ Maximum reliability for trouble-free operation ■ Increased cylinder life by reducing wear on Piston & Rod bearings
Type 316 Stainless Steel mounting accessories are offered to provide you a complete corrosion resistant cylinder mounting package. Accessories offered include Rod Clevis, Knuckle, Eye Bracket, Clevis Bracket and (17-4 SS) Pivot Pin
Parker Schrader Bellows provides a vast offering of metric accessories including rod clevis, eye bracket, pivot pin, metric plain rod eye, and clevis bracket selections.
Parker Schrader Bellows offers a complete selection of traditional cylinder attachments mounting accessories. Click the link below to learn more and view our offerings.