QuickFit Oil Change System Benefits | Parker QCD
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QuickFit Oil Change System

Parker's QuickFit Oil Change System makes oil changes for engines and machinery a more efficient, cleaner and safer process.

QuickFit Oil Change System Components

The QuickFit Oil Change System has everything you need:

  • Parker QuickFit Valve
  • Parker Push-Lok Hose
  • Parker Adapters/Fittings
  • Parker QuickFit Bracket
  • Equipment specific Installation Guide, complete with images and detailed instructions

An Ideal Solution

Learn more about the QuickFit Oil Change System from Parker

Oil Changes in Under 30 Minutes

Parker’s QuickFit Oil Change System makes oil changes for engines and machinery a faster, cleaner, and safer process. Routine maintenance oil changes can bring a multitude of challenges:

  • Cramped engine compartments make access difficult and can lead to safety and ergonomic risks for workers
  • Multiple access points can result in cross-contamination
  • Removing a filter full of oil can be difficult, leading to spills, environmental contamination, and cleanliness issues
  • Each piece of equipment is different and may require a unique set of instructions and specialized training

Faster. Cleaner. Safer.

The QuickFit system's 3-step process is a more standardized solution. Utilizing one connection per compartment results in less variability during routine maintenance. Benefits include:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Oil change time reduced by approximately 50%
  • Increased profitability
  • Less training

The QuickFit valve connects directly from the vehicle to final containment for complete control. That means no leaks, no spills, and no clumsy oil pans. When used properly, QuickFit:

  • Reduction of oil spills, leaks, and drips
  • Creates less consumable waste
  • Is more environmentally friendly

The ergonomic, QuickFit system allows for easier access, which simplifies the oil-change process. This helps keep workers clean, safe, and more productive:

  • Significantly improving safety conditions
  • Reducing the possibility of slips, falls, and burns
  • Reducing operator exposure to fluids