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QuickFit Oil Change Process: Easy as 1-2-3

The QuickFit system provides an accessible, single point connection that allows oil extraction directly into the final waste containment. The same connection point is then used to refill the system with new oil. This reduces the total number of steps in the oil change process and eliminates any risk of safety hazards or spills.

Step 1: Purge Filter

  • Attach compressed air supply to Filter Purge Tool
  • Attach Purge Tool to QuickFit Valve
  • Hold lever on Filter Purge Tool for 10 seconds to push oil through filter into engine sump
  • Disconnect Filter Purge Tool

Step 2: Evac Oil

  • Attach waste oil reel (with FEM female quick coupler) to QuickFit Valve
  • Turn waste oil pump on to remove oil from engine sump
  • When oil is removed from engine sump, disconnect waste oil line
  • Replace oil filter

Step 3: Refill Oil

  • Attach clean oil hose (with FEM female quick coupler) to QuickFit Valve
  • Turn on oil pump to refill clean oil through new oil filter
  • When oil is refilled to capacity, disconnect oil line