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Fluid Power Applications

For fluid power applications, we will showcase tailored valve seals with FEA-optimized geometries or complete slide valves using composite technology. Robust polyurethane O-rings for harshest operating conditions take the place of classic O-ring/back-ring combinations. Sealing solutions specifically designed for wind turbines reliably withstand the enormous loads acting on them while ensuring long seal life.


The novel Roll2Seal® from Parker Prädifa seals bores easily and effectively. Special benefits: easy assembly, once or repeatedly, no costly hardware preparation necessary.

Continuous Profiles

Our tailored continuous profiles for sealing, damping and protection made from elastomers, sponge rubber or combined materials are available with a self-adhesive layer for easy and economical assembly, finished using kiss cutting technology and cut to length, or supplied on rolls.

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Multi-Component Parts

Our multi-component parts emphasize economy as well, offering you savings potential for instance due to component reduction, shortening of the process chain, and reducing logistics and assembly requirements.

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Electric Mobility

The future belongs to electric mobility: In our advanced sealing, shielding and thermal management solutions for modern hybrid and fully electric vehicles we combine the requisite reliability and economy.

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XXL Seals

Our XXL seals are impressive both in terms of their dimensions and economic manufacturing thanks to special production technologies for large-size seals made from elastomers, PTFE and metal.

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