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TransWeb electret nonwovens

TransWeb is a leading producer of electret and melt blown nonwoven products for a variety of filtration applications.

About Us

TransWeb combines the mechanical filtration characteristics of nonwoven fabrics with an electrostatic charge to create specialty filtration media, which provide high filtration efficiencies at low pressure drops.  With superior performance in high heat and contaminated environments, TransWeb products are trusted for the most challenging air filtration applications.

Filter media can be packed less densely than conventional mechanical only filter media, providing less resistance to airflow.


TransWeb electret media unites the benefits of an extremely low pressure drop with virtually permanent electrostatic filtration efficiencies.
Extruded from a variety of polymers, including polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon and polybutylene, TransWeb melt blown products are designed to meet disparate filtration requirements.


TransWeb provides outstanding performance in applications such as :

Face masks and respirators

Medical filters

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Furnace filters

Automobile cabin filters

Bag house filters

Paint room filters

Vacuum cleaners


Contact Us

With more than two decades of engineering and manufacturing experience, our team works closely with customers to solve their most critical filtration challenges.


US: +1 816 272 8888

Europe: +49 (0)228 284808