Parker Velcon Literature and Media
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Literature and Media

Below are our latest marketing and literature information.  For questions and inquiries, please reference the form number on the back of each literature.

Commercial Aviation Jet Fuel Filtration

Cartridges Elements, Vessels, Housings and Condition Monitoring Solutions for Ground Fuel Handling Filtration.

Our 8 page overview brochure of the solutions for aviation fuel handling filtration.
VEL1841 Products for Aviation Fuel Handling
Parker Velcon Filters Monitors are qualified to EI1583 specifications and designed for use in airport fuel and mobile refueling trucks.
VEL2193 Filter Monitor Elements
Parker Velcon Coalescer and Separators are a part of a two stage filter water separator designed for efficient remove of bulk water contaminants from jet fuel.
VEL2164 Filter Separator Elements for Aviation
Parker Velcon micronic pre-filter element are cost effect solutions for removal of solid particulate contamination from fuel.
VEL2159 Micronic Prefilter for Aviation
Parker Velcon adsorbent filters are designed for removal of surfactant contamination in jet fuel.
VEL2198 Adsorbent Clay Cartridges
Parker Velcon vessels and housings range in use from fuel farms to dispensing. For fixed or mobile applications, our vessels are design for EI qualified and non-qualified applications.
VEL2178 Vessels and Housings for Aviation
Parker Velcon condition monitoring solutions include field test kits and electronic sensors designed to allow you to detect solid and water contaminants in jet fuel.
VEL2166 Condition Monitoring Solutions


Parker Velcon Industrial/Utility Systems, Housings and Filtration Cartridges are designed for clarification of industrial fluids and insulating oil used in the electric utility.  Product lines include mobile carts and fix installation filtration systems.

Our 8 page brochures highlighting Parker Velcon solutions for industrial/utility fluid clarification.
VEL1698 Products for Industrial Utility Filtration
Our handcarts portable filter-pump comes in various configurations ranging compact heavy-duty to lightweight and dual housing systems.
VEL2264 Industrial Utility Filtration Systems
Our stationary systems for fixed installation includes our TP Series load tap changer cabinet systems and our on-line Transformer Dry-out System (TDS®)
VEL2264 Industrial Utility Filtration Systems
Parker Velcon industrial cartridges available for micronic filtration, water absorbing filtration and dissolve water removal.
VEL2264 Industrial Utility Filtration Systems
Several vessels and housings are available for use in our handcart and fix installation systems.
VEL2264 Industrial Utility Filtration Systems

Parker CLEANDiesel® Filtration

Parker CLEANDiesel® filtration solutions are uniquely designed for diesel fuel filtration from refinery to dispensing and every transfer and storage points in between. Fuel may leave the refinery clean but as it is transfer from one storage location to another contaminants are introduced to levels that may overload filtration systems for today's Tier 4F and Stage IV high pressure common rail engines.  Ensuring fuel meets ISO4406 cleanliness requirements specify by original equipment manufactures allows for increase period between maintenance and on-board filtration systems to efficiently focus on filtration of ultra-fine solid and liquid contaminants that can create costly download and unplanned maintenance.

Parker Velcon vessels and housings can meet high flow rate applications down to low flow rate dispensing applications.
2300CD CLEANDiesel Solutions
Parker CLEANDiesel cartridge elements allows for solid contaminants remove, bulk water removal at high flow rate and trace water removal at dispensing.
2300CD CLEANDiesel Solutions
Parker CLEANDiesel® skid systems incorporate both micronic pre-filter system and filter water removal system to provide a simple drop in contaminant control system.
2300CD CLEANDiesel Solutions
Parker CLEANDiesel® condition monitoring electronic sensors provide ISO4406 fuel cleanliness monitor through Parker icount portable particle counters and laboratory bottle testing units.
VEL2166 Condition Monitoring Solutions

Military Aviation Products

Clean Fuel. Any time, Any place.

For military fuel handling and filtration, Parker AFD has developed & supplied Parker Velcon coalescers & separator cartridges for vessels qualified to stringent specifications for military fuel filtration, specifically EI 1581 Specification and qualification procedures for aviation jet fuel filter/separators, Category M and M100.

EI-1581 5th Edition Completed Military Tests

Date Test Vessel Flow Rate (USGPM) Category Type* Coalescers Separators
Nov-11 HVS-3033 1057 M S-LW 14 x I-624JF5TB 8 x SO-614VSN5
Apr-11 HVS-2628M 600 M S-LW 10 x I-628A4TB 8 x SO-616GS + 
40 x FOW-215
Mar-11 HV-2856 1000 M S 7 x I-656A4TB 2 x SO-648CM
July-08 HVS2628 600 M100 S 10 x I-628A4TB 8 x SO-616GS +
40 x FOW-215
Feb-08 VV3656 1210 M S 12 x I-644MMTB 4 x SO-644VSN
Apr-07 HV1633 240 M S 3 x I-633MMTB 1 x SO-436V5
Sep-06 HV3256 1250 M S 9 x I-656MMTB 3 x SO-648V5
Aug-05 R11 OshKosh 600 M100 S 15 x I-440A4 15 x SI-542
Oct-03 R11 OshKosh 600 M S 15 x I-440MM 15 x SI-542
Apr-03 AAE 2000 M S 50 x I-620MM 20 x SO-620C


600 M100 S 10 x I-628A4TB 8 x SO-616GS + 
40 x CDF-215K
Nov-02 HV2856 1000 M100 S 7 x I-656A4TB 2 x SO-648CM

*Type S also qualifies this configuration for Type S-LW (0.5% water) and Type S-LD (low dirt)

Parker AFD has received the following approvals for its products:

  • Navy MIL-PRF-32148
  • Army MIL-PRF-52308J
  • Army MIL-F-8901E
  • EI 1581 5th Edition, M100 & M Categories

For refuellers that had previously used 4” diameter DOD coalescers, Parker AFD has developed and qualified cartridges to meet the new EI 1581 6th Edition Specification.

This specification provides for two military categories - Category M for JP8 fuels, and Category M100 for JP8 fuels with thermal stability additive (Spec Aid 8Q462). Velcon has qualified:
• Category M - Models I-420MM & I- 440MM, as direct replacements for DOD-sized cartridges, and

• Category M100 Models I-420A4 & I- 44A4 are directly interchangeable with DOD-sized cartridges.

For refuellers with vessels containing 6” diameter coalescer cartridges, Velcon has developed and qualified coalescers to meet EI 1581 5th Edition, Category M - Model I-6xxMM, where “xx” represents the length of the cartridge. These coalescers can be supplied with threaded base mounting ends or with conventional flat caps.

Specific Military Cartridges Data Sheets:

For a chart showing the comparison of EI 1581 5th Ed Spec to MIL-PRF-52308H and MIL-PRF-52308J, click here:

Test & Evaluation of Suspected Unqualified Coalescer Received from D.O.D. Supply System

Counterfeit Velcon Coalescers: Click Here for Report from NAVAIR

The I-4208C Coalescers have a layer of pleated media inside a cylinder of molded fiberglass laminations to provide an extended surface area for particulate filtration. The pleats incorporate corrugations which are used to keep the pleats open for full utilization.
I-4208C Military Coalescers
The I-4xxMM filter/coalescer cartridge has an internal multi-layer pleat block with a large surface area for greater dirt holding capacity. A fine fiber micro-glass shell provides optimum water removal characteristics.
I-440A4 and I-440MM Military Coalescers
I-440A4 & I-440MM Military Coalescers
The SI-xxxx Series separator canister is composed of an inner Teflon®-coated 200 mesh screen. The open endcap on the five inch canister has a locking bayonet mount with wavy spring. The blind end has a nozzle for a DOD coalescer o-ring endcap.
SI Series Military Separators