Filtration Solutions for Industrial Utility Applications
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Parker Velcon Filtration Systems for Insulating Oil Used in Electric Utility

Parker Velcon branded industrial utility systems are well known in the electric utility substation maintenance.  Our range of systems includes portable handcart pumps, fixed mounted cabinet units and our unit on-line systems.

Filter Elements

Parker Velcon Filter Elements are designed for removal of dirt, water and acid from oils and fuels.  Filters are available in pleated cellulose media, depth fiberglass materials, water absorbing and adsorbent media.

Parker FO Series pleated media filter cartridge provides a high efficiency and long life microfilter for filtration of solid particulate contaminants from insualting oil and other industrial fluids.

Parker Velcon FOS Series synthetic media cartridges provide excellent filtration performance for a wide variety of industrial applications. They excel in applications where water or chemicals cause softening or degradation of conventional resin impregnated cellulose (pleated paper) filter media.

Parker Velcon Fiberglass Depth Filter Cartridges have proven superior in filtering colloidal or slimy contaminants. Lube oil and EDM coolant filtration are this type of application where fiberglass elements consistently filter better with dramatically longer life than other types of media.

Aquacon® cartridges are constructed to remove dirt and water from hydrocarbon and other oils. The outer media layer filters out silt, rust and other particulate contaminants. The inner layers absorb water and chemically bond it so that no water will release downstream.

The AC-8 Series Aquacon® Cartridges were developed specifically for use with insulating oils. These cartridges provide the most efficient, cost effective conditioning available for insulating and other oils. They have been field proven at numerous electrical utilities.

Dissolved water removal from industrial oils is now possible without the need for heat and vacuum oil processing systems. Originally developed for dehydrating oil to be used in transformers, Superdri® cartridges can help reduce expenses and increase efficiency when processing oil.

The Parker Velcon SD-718P3 cartridge consistently removes dissolved water and extends the service life of the oil and increases the benefits of the oil filtration systems.

Vessels and Housings

Parker Velcon vessels and housings are designed for industrial fluid filtration. Features include ASME code design, carbon steel constructions, primed exterior & oil coated interior, 150 psi operating pressure and more.  Applications for our vessels and housings include: hydraulic oil, gasoline, insulating oil, transformer oil, diesel fuel, coolant, lube oil, cutting oil, kerosene, synthetic oil, gear oil, quench oil and biodiesel oil.

Six and twelve cartridges filter housings for industrial fluid applications.

Vertical single and double filter housings for industrial fluid and oil filtration applications.

Vertical Industrial Housings for filtration of industrial fluids and oils.

Filter Housing for Dirt, Water and Acid Removal from Oil & Fuels. No tools required for changeout.

Portable Handcart Systems

Our portable handcart mounted systems are designed with standard flow rates of 5GPM and 10GPM. A full range of standard systems are available to meet your application needs.  Other custom systems are available upon request.

The Parker Velcon MP5 is a compact, portable filter system designed for use at the site of contaminated oil. It is easily wheeled to the sump or reservoir by one person. The MP5 is completely self-contained and requires only electricity for operation.

The Velcon MP5E is a complete filtration package on wheels. All you have to do is install the filter cartridge, plug it in, and watch it meet your toughest filtration requirements.

The Parker Velcon MCP5E Series employs two different types of filter cartridges in series. With heavy carbon or dirt contamination, the prefilter holds a cost-effective particle or colloidal removal cartridge and the second in series holds an Aquacon® super-absorbent water removing cartridge.

Parker Velcon Superdri® Handcart Filter Systems for removal of dissolved water from transformer oil without heat and vacuum.

HP Series Double Capacity Heavy Duty Portable Filter Pumps. Double capacity HP Series Portable Filter Pumps are recommended for oils with higher concentrations of dirt, water and other contaminants. Two models are offered with a choice of 10 and 30 gpm flow rates.

Fixed Mounted Filter Systems

Station Filter Systems have proven to be an effective means of combating load tap changer and other industrial oil problems.

The Parker Velcon TP3 was developed in response to the industry’s desire to reduce operation and maintenance costs and increase system reliability.

On-Line Systems

The Parker Velcon TDS®5 transformer dry-out system incorporates all the necessary features to allow a transformer to remain in-service while moisture from its insulation is effectively removed.