Parker Velcon Condition Monitoring Solutions
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Condition Monitoring Solutions

Parker Velcon Condition Monitoring Sensors, Field Test Kits and Portable Fuel Analyzers help you achieve CLEAN DRY FUEL™ by providing insight into your current fuel condition.  Coupled with our filtration solutions, you can established a fuel cleanliness program to reduce operating cost, extend time between maintenance and improve over all system health.

Field Test Kits

Parker Velcon field test kits are designed for detection of water contaminants and surfactants in aviation jet fuel and diesel fuel.

Parker Velcon Hydrokit® (HK) provides a field " go" fuel condition solutions for detection of the presence of water in aviation jet fuel.

SWIFTKits provide the capability to determine the coalescability of fuel due to the presence of surfactants. Coalesability ensures water can be separated from fuel.

Portable Field Sensors

Portable electronic sensors provides the ability of sampling directly from the source.  Not only are portable samplers lightweight and ruggedly built, they can provides results similar to those found in labs.  In addition, the ability to sample directly at the source minimizes the handling and transportation of hazardous chemicals.

Parker icountFS provides a portable field fuel sample that is capable of providing the ISO4406 Cleanliness profile of fuel directly at the source.

On-line Fixed Mounted Monitors

Our fixed installation condition monitoring solutions are designed to operate 24/7 and in the most hazardous conditions.

Parker Velcon Integrated Particulate Monitor (IPM™) can be mounted at fuel farms to provide update to your incoming and outgoing fuel condition. When equipped it a telemetry module, fuel global monitoring of fuel condition can provide insight to your over all fuel program.