Parker Velcon Filtration Elements and Cartridges
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Filtration Solutions for Aviation, Diesel and Industrial Utility Fluid Filtration

Parker AFD manufactures Parker Velcon filtration elements, vessels, housings, skids and systems used in clarification of aviation jet fuel, diesel fuel and industrial utility fluids. In addition, we also offer electronic sensors and field test kids for detection of solid particulate and water contaminants.

Micronic Pre-filters

Parker Velcon micronic pre-filters are designed for removal of solid particulate contaminants in aviation jet fuel, diesel fuel, industrial fluids and insulating oils used in electric utility.  Various media ranging from cellulose paper to high efficiency synthetic are available in a wide range of micron rating for compatibility with your clarification application.

Parker Velcon FO series pleated paper filter provides a cost effective solution for removal of solid particulate contaminants in fuel and industrial fluids.

Parker Velcon EI1590 Qualified FO Series micronic pre-filter.

The Parker Velcon FOW cartridges are designed to provide superior performance and reliability in standard fuel filter housings through a unique combination of media that removes solids that may be present in the fuel, and provides for reduced static charge.

High capacity micronic filter cartridges.

FI Series Inside-to-outside flow commissioning filter cartridges.

DC Series disposable, crushable and incinerable filter cartridges provides a lower cost filter that reduces the volume of material you send to hazardous waste disposal facilities.

Filter Monitors

Parker Velcon Filter Monitors provides removal of trace water contaminants in fuel. Super absorbent polymer (SAP) absorbs and chemically lock in water to prevent contamination of fuel systems downstream.  Our products with water absorbing capabilities include CDF, ACO, AC and AD.

2" OD Water Absorbing Filter Monitors for removing trace water contaminants in aviation jet fuel.

EI1583 7th Edition Qualified 6" OD Filter Water Monitors for removal of trace water contaminant from aviation fuel.

Aquacon AC Series water absorbing filters are designed for removal trace water contaminants in industrial fluids and oils.


Parker Velcon Coalescer Cartridges provide an efficient technology for removal for bulk water in fuel. Unlike filter monitors, coalescers are designed to grow microscopic water droplets and coalesce them into a size large enough so that gravity will naturally separate the water contaminants from fuel.  Products of this type includes: I, O, and OS Series.

Inside-to-outside flow coalescers for removal of bulk water from fuel.

Outside-to-inside flow coalescer element for removal of bulk water in fuel.


Clay Elements

Parker Velcon Clay and Adsorbent cartridges are designed for removal of surfactants in fuels, industrial fluids and oils.