Parker AFD - Velcon Business Unit
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Colorado Springs Sales and Engineering Support

Our Colorado Springs location provides customer service support, sales & marketing and engineering support.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be recognized as the leading filtration supplier in our targeted markets by:

  • Enhancing customer relationships through product quality and innovation
  • Innovating “best in class” engineered solutions
  • Continually driving operational excellence

Our Mission

Parker AFD provides leading fluid filtration products for customers in our targeted markets. We will provide the best-in-class service to our customers, at competitive prices, while building a culture of trust that extends from each Parker employee to the product user.

Parker AFD manufactures and sells products that filter, purify, and remove water from hydrocarbon fuels, oils and other fluids. Parker AFD serves a variety of markets throughout the world with a broad range of fluid clarification products.

Our History

The name "Velcon" comes from the phrase "velocity-controlled" which describes the flow through the innovative V-tube separator (shown below, right).

Velcon's V-Tube Separator

A History of Innovation

Originally named Enfab, Inc., Velcon Filters, LLC was founded in 1953 byHarold Higbee, a Tooling Engineer, and L.W. (Lu) Taylor, an Industrial Engineer. Both had extensive experience in the fiberglass industry. The first products were fabricated fiberglass components for the 2.75 Rocket sold to the United States government. Imaginative R&D led to the creation of a proprietary fiberglass filter coalescer in 1957. This revolutionary product was initially introduced to both military and commercial aviation fuel markets and subsequently to pipelines and refineries. Velcon now supplies more replacement cartridges to purify jet fuel than any other company in the world.

New Opportunities

In 1979, Velcon introduced to the market its patented Aquacon® water-absorbing cartridges which remove water and dirt from industrial oils and fuels, restoring the oil or fuel to a clean, usable condition. The outer layers of filter media remove particulate contaminants, while the inner layers chemicallyretain water within the super-absorbent media. As the cartridge reaches its absorption capacity, the media expands rapidly to restrict the flow of unfiltered oil or fuel, signaling the operator to replace the cartridge.

Our Facilities

Parker AFD - Velcon Business Unit is responsible for the manufacturing of Aviation Jet Fuel, Diesel Fuel, Industrial Fluid and Electric Utility Oil filtration solutions.

Our Colorado Springs facility in Colorado provides support for sales and marketing, customer services and engineering testing.

Our Sylacauga facility located in Alabama manufactures our complete line of filtration elements and cartridges.

Quality Management System

Parker AFD’s QUALITY POLICY: Manufacturing with PRIDE

  • Performance.  Conform to our customers' requirements and expectations at a cost that represents value.
  • Relationships.  Foster long-term working relationships with customers, employees, stockholders, and vendors that are mutually beneficial.
  • Improvement.  Train in, believe in, and practice continuous improvement.
  • Documented Quality System.  Document our Quality System meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.
  • Employees.  Ensure that each employee is responsible for passing on Quality products and/or services so that our end customer receives the same

Key Markets

Major markets served by Parker AFD include the following:

  • Airlines
  • Airport Refuelers, both Military and Commercial
  • Mining
  • Power Generation
  • Petroleum Products Distribution
  • Refineries
  • Electric Power Utilities / Transmision & Distribution
  • Industrial Plants
  • Natural Gas Transmission
  • OEMs
  • Diesel and Biodiesel Applications

Directions to Velcon

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Map from Colorado Springs Airport to Velcon



Parker Hannifin Corporation
Filtration Group
Aerospace Filtration Division

1210 Garden of the Gods Road

Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Phone: +1 719 531 5855 / Fax: +1 719 531 5690



Directions: From I-25, use exit 146 westbound on Garden of the Gods Road

Velcon is located approximately 1.2 miles west of I-25.

Turn in to the Velcon parking lot on the right just BEFORE

the traffic light at Centennial Blvd.

Communication Guide

Main Phone:
Direct Phone:
Main Fax:
+1 719 5315855
+1 719 528 (####)
+1 719 5315690 
Order Entry Fax:
Toll Free:
+1 719 5310585
+1 800 5310180
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Aerospace Filtration Division
1210 Garden of the Gods Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80907-3410 USA

E-mail address: (Example:

To reach an individual, dial +1 800 5310180 and enter the person's four digit extension number when prompted.
If you reach the person's voicemail, you may leave a voice message. If you prefer to talk to someone else at that time, enter another person' extension number or press "0" to reach the operator and have the person paged.


Order Entry
Customer Service • Filter Purchase
Order Desk • Shipping • Pricing
Product Availability • Vessel Quotes
Hughes, Kelsey(Customer Service Specialist) x 7257
Mizer, Pam (Customer Service Specialist) x 7243
Rambo, Sharon (Sales Coordinator) x 7223


General Accounting
Bates, David (Accounting Mgr.) x 7275


Technical Information and Sales
Hoffman, Terry (Sales Mgr./Engr. - Vessels) x 7264
McKenna, Rick (Inside Sales Mgr.) x 7231

North America Sales
Guglielmi, Robert
(Business Dev. Mgr. - Global)
+1 519 2423302
Johnson, Gene
(Sales Mgr. - East)
+1 770 3305286
Miceli, Louis
(Sales Mgr. - Central & Latin America)
+1 719 351 8988
Pfeffer, Brad
(Sales Mgr. - West)
+1 719 3596748
Thomas, Scott
(Sales Mgr. - OEM & Central)
+1 719 6125133627


International Sales
Hughes, Dennis
(Mkt. Dev. Mgr. - Aviation - Australia)
+61 (0) 3 9589 0196


Marketing Information
Tran, Phillip
(Marketing Svc. Mgr.)
x 7240

After-Hours Emergency Number

If you need to speak with someone after regular business hours, please follow this procedure:

1. Call Parker AFD's switchboard (+1 800 531 0180 or +1 719 531 5855).

2. If you are a customer in need of emergency assistance, dial 1 to leave a detailed message. This message will be forwarded to Parker AFD's on-call customer service representative.

3. Parker AFD's on-call customer service representative will call you back as soon as possible. If the call concerns a sales order, please have your PO# and/or Sales order# and line item # available to facilitate service.