Parker Smart Suspension
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Parker Smart Suspension System

The Parker Smart Suspension provides greater vehicle reliability with reduced air consumption, including greater functionality. Ideally suited for bus and coach applications, this electronically controlled air suspension system is designed to adjust air spring height and pressure to manage overall vehicle height. The system works in conjunction with the bus suspension air springs, air spring height sensors, and wheelchair ramp sensor to provide the following functions:


          Improve Ride Control | Kneeling | Over-raise | Low-ride | Fault Tolerance| Height Management


As the bus maneuvers through corners, the system will minimize roll movement, potentially eliminating the need for a sway bar.
Improve Ride Control
Upon reaching a stop, the bus driver can lower the bus to the curb, making entry and exit through the door easier.
Raise ride height at all air spring positions (adjustable per customer spec) to allow for increased approach, break-over and departure angles for road conditions.
Lower the ride height position based on vehicle speed.
In the event a system issue is detected, the Parker system will minimize the impact to the vehicle by degrading suspension functionality, until a point where vehicle service can be provided.
Fault Tolerance
Two additional height settings are also available based on end-customer needs.
Height Management

Features & Benefits

      Increase Uptime
           - Diagnostics to detect air system issues
           - Designed, then validated for bus applications
      Reduced Suspension Calibration from 1hr to less than 1 min
           - One-touch calibration
      Smoother and Safer Cornering
           - Smoother and safer cornering
      Decreased Energy Consumption
           - Less air consumption during kneeling
      Custom Heights
           - Independent air bag/corner control
      Lower Production and Maintenance Costs
           - Optional elimination of sway bars. Fewer pneumatic connections
      Reduced Preparation Time for Shipment to Customers
           - One-touch shipping mode
      Measure Vehicle Loading
           - Efficiently manage acceleration and reduce energy consumption

Technical Specifications

Nominal Operating Voltage 24 VDC
Maximum Current Draw 5 Amps
Nominal Height Sensor Supply 5 VDC
Maximum Height Sensor Current Draw 20 mA
System Identification Resistive Tags
Messaging SAE J1939 Compliant
Pre-selected Baud Rate 250K or 500K
Diagnostic Tool RP1210 Compliant
IP Rating - Electronic Control Unit IP68, IP69
IP Rating - Pneumatic Control Unit IP68, IP69
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to 71°C
Pneumatic Control Unit Port Size M22 or 1/2" NPT

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Literature & Software Downloads

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