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Mobile inPHorm O-ring Calculator

Take the guesswork out of seal design and material selection with our  Mobile inPHorm O-ring Calculator. Utilize our software to guide you through the design and selection of an O-ring and corresponding seal gland. Parker’s calculator not only addresses standard O-ring sizes, but allows the you to custom design O-ring glands and seals specifically for your application.



• O-ring calculations expanded for custom O-ring results

• Calculations support crush and dovetail design evaluation

• Fluid compatibility supports up to 5 blends at a time

• User flexibility to adjust hardware dimensions

• Design analysis includes psi and back-up ring suggestions

• Material listing offered by certifications

• Material test reports can be viewed and e-mailed

• Metric or English units

• A complete design analysis is offered via e-mail

• Web-based so you are always using the latest version, no updates required

Mobile inPHorm O-Ring Calculator

Mobile inPHorm Video

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