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Mobile inPHorm - Parker's Design Tool & O-Ring Calculator

O-Ring Design Procedure using Mobile inPHorm.

Parker recommends utilizing our design tools (Mobile inPHorm and the O-Ring Selector)design software to guide the user through the design and selection of an O-ring and corresponding seal gland. Parker’s calculators not only address standard O-ring sizes, but allow users to custom design O-ring glands and seals specifically for their application. To use these tools, visit and select the Solutions tab. When access to these tools are note available, manual calculations can be performed using the following guidelines.


Recommended Manual Design Procedure

1. Determine the gland design for best sealing results.

 (a) If the fluid medium or its specification is known, refer to the Fluid Compatibility Tables in Section VII or to the various material or other specifications listed in Section VIII.

 (b) If the compound specification is known, refer to Table 8-2, Table 8-3 or Table 8-4 in Section VIII as applicable.

2. Find the recommended O-ring size and gland dimensions in the appropriate design table in Static O-Ring Sealing or Dynamic O-Ring Sealing, Sections IV and V, respectively.

3. For industrial use, order the O-ring by the Parker compound number followed by the size number.

Example: N0674-70 2-325

4. For a design problem that cannot be resolved using the information in the software, contact a Parker O-Ring & Engineered Seals Division Applications Engineer via our online chat feature for problem analysis and design recommendations.

When ordering parts made with a military, AMS, or NAS specification material, see the Aerospace reference guide.

Example: M82745-325

Mobile inPHorm

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